The Vans Warped Tour Hits Hartford CT


setitoff1editWalking across the gravel grounds of the Hartford Xfinity Center, it is impossible to miss the screams of sheer  excitement and joy from fans attending the Vans Warped Tour.

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Review of Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6


Fearless Records is set to release it’s Sixth volume of  “Punk Goes Pop” this Monday, November 17th. The album features Various Artists ranging from metalcore bands August Burns Red and Upon A Burning Body to pop punk groups State Champs and Knuckle Puck. Like every “Punk Goes Pop” installment, the album has it’s various hits and misses throughout, making you jump from an amazing cover to one that’s more lacking. Though it should be said this is an album that gets better over time; give it a few listens and it’s guaranteed to grow on you.

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Pure Noise Tour Review



What better way to kick off a tour with 5 of your label mates than to start in your hometown with a wild sold out show; this was how the Pure Noise Tour kicked off for State Champs and Brandon Pagano from Handguns band. The two co-headlining bands take the stage each night with Front Porch Step, Forever Came Calling, Heart to Heart, and Brigades. Pure Noise Records is a DIY record label that has come to be one of the most noteworthy pop punk labels over the past few years and even had bands on main stage at this year’s warped tour. This tour showcases up and coming bands with great momentum from the Pure Noise label that should be on everyone’s radar. If this tour hasn’t come through your city yet but sure to catch it and get there early enough to catch each and every band!

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It’s Like They Never Left Reunion Tour *Covered for Make Waves*


I went to the Lost Horizon in Syracuse last night to see the “It’s like they Never Left Reunion Tour” with We Are the In Crowd, William Beckett, Set it Off, State Champs and Candy Hearts. The venue was absolutely packed, you’d never have know there was a huge basketball game that night for Syracuse with the amount of people at the show. Although during William Beckett’s set screams from the bar were perfectly timed to coincide with the ending of his song.  As a Duke fan I was quite happy to be able to check the score at the bar, but the show was amazing to the point I forgot at times that the game was even going on.

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Glamour Kills Holiday Festival (covered for

handguns5 hitthelights1 statechamps1

The energy in the building was out of control at Webster Hall for the Glamour Kills Holiday Festival featuring Hit the Lights, Handguns, State Champs, Vinnie Caruana and No Good News. The energy grew with each change of set with fans literally hanging from the ceiling by the time Handguns took the stage, ending with a young man going across the top of the crowd using ceiling beams as monkey bars during Hit the Lights’ set. No Good News and Vinnie Caruana both put on good sets as well, despite having been added last minute due to the show having been rescheduled because of last week’s blizzard.

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