Review of The Story So Far by The Story So Far


The music world has been waiting since the release of 2013’s What You Don’t See, for the new highly anticipated self-titled album from the popular pop-punk group, The Story So Far. With the album out May 19th, you won’t stop hearing about them until it’s official release, and probably more-so after that. With their unique mix of punk instrumentals and hard-hitting powerful vocals, The Story So Far have set themselves apart from other bands in the music scene, and have especially developed their own sound on this new record. Sure to top their 2013 record 50 on the Billboard 200 chart with next week’s release, The Story So Far are dominating the music scene right now, and from the talent off this new record, it appears they will continue to do so.

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Review of Summer Bones by Hit The Lights


Pop-punk group Hit The Lights are back, with their fifth full-length album, Summer Bones, out March 24th. As the band’s first release since 2012, the record has been highly anticipated by fans for months, is sure not to disappoint anyone who hears it. The growth and maturity in their sound is as evident as their consistency with upbeat breakdowns, lyrical genius, and energetic instrumentation.

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Review of Senses Fail/Man Overboard Split


Post-hardcore group Senses Fail, and pop-punk group Man Overboard, have teamed up to create a split EP, released March 3rd through Pure Noise Records. The EP features a brand new track by each band, and a cover of one of the other’s songs. The EP acts as a sort of battle between the two bands, with the opening two tracks by Man Overboard, and the last two by Senses Fail. In years past, it was quite popular for bands to do a “VS” split against one another, so this acts as an almost a rebirth of the concept, that the two bands do quite successfully.

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Interview with Jake Round, founder and owner of Pure Noise Records

*Photo credit: Matt Vincent
Creating a label is a very hard business, developing said label into a strong and productive one takes constant work and dedication. Jake Round created Pure Noise Records back in 2009, only 5 years ago, and now has some of the most successful and well known names in the genre including Senses Fail, The Story So Far, and Four Years Strong. Check out what he had to say about his label and what to expect in the future!

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Interview with Joe and Bryce of Forever Came Calling

_MG_2465I had the chance to chat with Joe Candelaria and Bryce Esquivel of Forever Came Calling before their set at Bogies in Albany on the first night of the Pure Noise Tour. Big things are coming for them with their full length, What Matters Most slated to be released TOMORROW (October 21) on Pure Noise Records. The single, “Mapping with a Sense of Direction” has been a huge hit so far. Check out what they had to say about what’s coming for Forever Came Calling.

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