Review of Dogged by You, Me, and Everyone We Know


After an unofficial four year hiatus, You, Me, and Everyone We Know are back, with their spectacular pop-rock EP, Dogged. The six track EP takes you on a journey through the life of frontman Benjamin Liebsch, as he addresses things like his struggles with depression. But as Liebsch says, “desperate times call for a creative spark”. As the highlight of his career, this EP is sure to tell people he is back, You, Me, and Everyone We Know is back, and there’s no stopping them now.

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Interview with Johnny Mennell and Craig Robinson of The Family Ruin

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I had the chance to sit down with Johnny Mennell frontman for The Family Ruin and Craig Robinson lead guitarist and supporting vocals for the group about their first U.S. tour, what it’s like to be on tour with label owner and guitarist for Asking Alexandria, Ben Bruce, and what’s coming next to the group. They’re hitting the ground running and not letting up any time soon. Check out what the two had to say below!

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Interview with Avalon Landing


Las Vegas’ Avalon Landon have been working hard to make a name for themselves since their first record in 2011. Recently the group won the Hard Rock Rising competition in Las Vegas. Writer Jenny Caulfield had the chance to chat with the group about winning the competition, their most recent single “The Cure” and the future of the band! Check what the vocalist and keyboardist Josh Rabenold had to say!

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Interview with Emarosa


I had the chance to sit down with Emarosa before their show at Starland Ballroom, as they got there Zombie make up done, and talk about everything from how this tour as been to the new record Versus and even into future music and sides of Emarosa that haven’t been explored too much yet! See what the guys had to say and be sure to pick up Versus and keep an eye out for what’s coming next!

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New to Edge of the Dream!

There’s so many great bands out there but some just really stand out; whether it be for a new album, great live performance, or anything that really catches my attention I want to showcase a different band every week in my new “spotlight” category!

A new band will be in the spotlight on Mondays when something needs to be spoken about! Check back later to see what band has been the inspiration for the new column on Edge of the Dream as they will be the first in The Spotlight !