Red, White, & Black Tour Review


I had the awesome opportunity to catch the Red, White & Black tour at the Chance in Poughkeepsie last week and it was definitely an interesting show! Since the headliner I See Stars is a mix of electronic music and hardcore music the openers were mixed to fit both genres. Like Moths to Flames, Ghost Town and Trace Your Steps were all heavier bands and Razihel was a DJ who’s set felt like a rave with mosh. The crowd was mostly fans of the heavier music but they certainly got into each and every set. There were kids drop kicking one another and throwing front flips during the opening sets and things didn’t slow down after that!

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Fight the Silence Tour *Covered for Make Waves*

for today


I went to NYC to see the “Fight the Silence Album release tour” at Gramercy Theater.  For Today headlined the tour with support of Like Moths to Flames, Stray from the Path, The Plot in You and Fit for a King. As soon as I got into Penn Station Sunday night I knew the show was sure to be packed based on the number of kids walking around that were definitely there for the show; in fact the show ended up selling out and I don’t think another person could have fit in the pit at all. The crowd was wild and out of control all night with a massive circle pit opened up for most of the show, if not all of it. There was almost no room to maneuver out of the room and down to the merch tables or bar when any of the bands were on.

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