15 Songs to Hear before 2015!

Before the year ends there’s 15 songs you need to check out if you haven’t heard them before so you start off the new year with some great new music! Some songs are probably a bit more well known than others but give everything a chance, there’s something for everyone! Check it out below:

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Pure Noise Tour Review



What better way to kick off a tour with 5 of your label mates than to start in your hometown with a wild sold out show; this was how the Pure Noise Tour kicked off for State Champs and Brandon Pagano from Handguns band. The two co-headlining bands take the stage each night with Front Porch Step, Forever Came Calling, Heart to Heart, and Brigades. Pure Noise Records is a DIY record label that has come to be one of the most noteworthy pop punk labels over the past few years and even had bands on main stage at this year’s warped tour. This tour showcases up and coming bands with great momentum from the Pure Noise label that should be on everyone’s radar. If this tour hasn’t come through your city yet but sure to catch it and get there early enough to catch each and every band!

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Common Vision Tour Review


The Common Vision Tour features one of the most stacked tour packages to hit venues in quite some time. The tour features Counterparts, Hundreth, Handguns, Being As An Ocean, Forever Came Calling, My Iron Lung, and Capsize. With so many talented groups taking the stage in one night the tour was sure to draw a good sized crowd but the turn out to Revolution in Amityville, NY was beyond what I’d ever have expected. Revolution more crowded than I’ve ever seen with more kids crammed up as close to the stage as possible than relaxing by the back where they normally seem to congregate. From the time Capsize took the stage up until when Counterparts closed out the night there wasn’t a dull moment in the venue.

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Review of Life Lessons by Handguns

life lessons

The Pop-punk group Handguns releases their album Life Lessons July 8 on Pure Noise Records. The group has recently had great things going on from a very successful tour with All Time Low and Man Overboard to their upcoming tour with Hundreth and Counterpars. They are a fantastic live group that certainly puts on a fun set every show (that’s said having seen them three times in the past year!). Their recent tour has built the hype and excitement for this new record even more because their single “Heart vs. Head” was extremely well received. The question on the minds’ of many was whether or not the rest of Life Lessons would live up to what “Heart vs. Head” had established for the record. Life Lessons was certainly an enjoyable and well put together record on the first listen, however, it is one of those albums that grows on you even more as you become more familiar with the songs. It is the type of record you find yourself wanting to play over and over and love each song more with every additional play.

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A Love like Tour Review


Tuesday night I had the amazing opportunity to cover All Time Low’s A Love Like Tour with Man Overboard and Handguns at Upstate Concert Hall. It was clear before anyone took the stage that it was going to be a fantastic night based off of the lineup and the sold out crowd. Despite freezing rain it felt like a sauna inside the venue with the fire alarms even going off momentarily at one point during the night. Even the heat and alarms didn’t slow down the crowd or the bands. Each band put on memorable sets that will have fans talking for quite some time.


IMG_4403               IMG_4378



Handguns took the stage first and really kicked off the night right. I’ve seen them before, in fact they were the first band I ever got to cover a show for which made two night ago even more special, but they seem to get better and better each time I see them. I even had the awesome opportunity to interview guitarist Kyle Vaught and bassist CJ Wilson before the show (check the interview page!). The group has grown significantly and really developed a great stage presence over the past few years. They released their single “Heart vs. Head” earlier this month and fans are already singing along happily during live performances. Handguns was certainly the band that stood out to me the most last night. I’ve seen All Time Low quite a few times and had high expectations for them (which they of course still exceeded) but Handguns performance was above and beyond what I’d expected and I had high expectations for their set as well. The energy on stage with high flying jumps and nonstop movement in combination with catchy and fun songs make Handguns an amazing band that excels live.

IMG_4596  IMG_4527


Man Overboard took the stage next and also put on a good set. They were a band I was very much looking forward to seeing as I’ve somehow missed their set or their show every time they’ve been in state for some reason or another. Everyone really seemed to love what they were doing throughout the entire set which makes a show that much more enjoyable. Overall their live sound was a bit different than the sound on their records but their set was still well done.

IMG_4831    IMG_4757

IMG_4749     IMG_4794

IMG_4683     IMG_4752

All Time Low took the stage in all of their glory with fans chanting their name at the top of their lungs. These guys are constantly all over the stage and flying through the air; to top it all off they don’t slow down at all throughout the entire set. They are certainly a band you must see live at some point because their music is even better live than it is through headphones. They are truly one of the funniest bands to see because of their interactions with fans and one another on and off stage. They embody what every band should strive to be when performing; they are energetic and into their songs and clearly love every second of it. Jack Barakat of course is the jokester of the group and loves to crack funny comments between songs to keep the crowd amused while frontman Alex Gaskarth shakes his head and laughs along. All Time Low is terrific with interacting with fans, reaching out to crowd surfers and bringing fans on stage to sing along, and with interacting with one another goofing off and having fun while playing. This just adds to their phenomenal stage presence. They ended the evening on a huge note which is sure to have fans anxiously awaiting the new music they will be working on after this tour and then eventually the touring to support that music.




A Love Like Tour was by far one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen in quite sometime. Each and every band knew how to have fun on stage while still putting on a fantastic musical performance which is what makes a tour such as this one so special. Unfortunately the tour ends May 3rd but be sure to catch Handguns on tour this summer in support of their new album Life Lessons and Man Overboard on their tour with Transit, Forever Came Calling, and Knuckle Puck which starts at the end of May!


More Photos from the show on my tumblr!

Glamour Kills Holiday Festival (covered for makewavesyo.com)

handguns5 hitthelights1 statechamps1

The energy in the building was out of control at Webster Hall for the Glamour Kills Holiday Festival featuring Hit the Lights, Handguns, State Champs, Vinnie Caruana and No Good News. The energy grew with each change of set with fans literally hanging from the ceiling by the time Handguns took the stage, ending with a young man going across the top of the crowd using ceiling beams as monkey bars during Hit the Lights’ set. No Good News and Vinnie Caruana both put on good sets as well, despite having been added last minute due to the show having been rescheduled because of last week’s blizzard.

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