Review of The Story So Far by The Story So Far


The music world has been waiting since the release of 2013’s What You Don’t See, for the new highly anticipated self-titled album from the popular pop-punk group, The Story So Far. With the album out May 19th, you won’t stop hearing about them until it’s official release, and probably more-so after that. With their unique mix of punk instrumentals and hard-hitting powerful vocals, The Story So Far have set themselves apart from other bands in the music scene, and have especially developed their own sound on this new record. Sure to top their 2013 record 50 on the Billboard 200 chart with next week’s release, The Story So Far are dominating the music scene right now, and from the talent off this new record, it appears they will continue to do so.

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Review of Brainwashed by While She Sleeps

Alternative rock band While She Sleeps are back, with their second full-length album, Brainwashed, released in North America, Tuesday, April 21st. Vocalist Lawrence “Loz” Taylor, had to undergo surgery last year to his vocal chords to save his voice, and his career. After the surgery put a pause to the production of Brainwashed, the band are finally ready to unveil their newest creation. As their first release since 2012’s This Is The Six, the band have shown off their maturity with their intricate melodic instrumentation, catchy layering, and in-depth lyrical development. In the rock scene, this is not an album to be missed.

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Review of Day of the Dead by Hollywood Undead


On March 31st, quintet Hollywood Undead released their fourth full-length album, Day of the Dead. Known for their unique metal sound with hip-hop undertones, they show off different styles and variations with this record. More in the style of their 2008 release, Swan Songs, the album channels that aggression and musical talent that engages their creativity. With a more diverse style on the record, it stands out, showing different abilities of the band.

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Review of Summer Bones by Hit The Lights


Pop-punk group Hit The Lights are back, with their fifth full-length album, Summer Bones, out March 24th. As the band’s first release since 2012, the record has been highly anticipated by fans for months, is sure not to disappoint anyone who hears it. The growth and maturity in their sound is as evident as their consistency with upbeat breakdowns, lyrical genius, and energetic instrumentation.

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Review of Dogged by You, Me, and Everyone We Know


After an unofficial four year hiatus, You, Me, and Everyone We Know are back, with their spectacular pop-rock EP, Dogged. The six track EP takes you on a journey through the life of frontman Benjamin Liebsch, as he addresses things like his struggles with depression. But as Liebsch says, “desperate times call for a creative spark”. As the highlight of his career, this EP is sure to tell people he is back, You, Me, and Everyone We Know is back, and there’s no stopping them now.

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Review of Restoring Force: Full Circle by Of Mice & Men


In late January of 2014, Of Mice & Men released their third full-length album, Restoring Force. Tuesday February 24th, they released a re-issue of the album, entitled Restoring Force: Full Circle, which included three new tracks, and an acoustic version of the popular, “Feels Like Forever”. The addition of the songs fit with the feel of the rest of the album, making this highly-anticipated reissue successful for all Of Mice & Men Fans.

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