Review of Dogged by You, Me, and Everyone We Know


After an unofficial four year hiatus, You, Me, and Everyone We Know are back, with their spectacular pop-rock EP, Dogged. The six track EP takes you on a journey through the life of frontman Benjamin Liebsch, as he addresses things like his struggles with depression. But as Liebsch says, “desperate times call for a creative spark”. As the highlight of his career, this EP is sure to tell people he is back, You, Me, and Everyone We Know is back, and there’s no stopping them now.

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Review of Senses Fail/Man Overboard Split


Post-hardcore group Senses Fail, and pop-punk group Man Overboard, have teamed up to create a split EP, released March 3rd through Pure Noise Records. The EP features a brand new track by each band, and a cover of one of the other’s songs. The EP acts as a sort of battle between the two bands, with the opening two tracks by Man Overboard, and the last two by Senses Fail. In years past, it was quite popular for bands to do a “VS” split against one another, so this acts as an almost a rebirth of the concept, that the two bands do quite successfully.

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Review of Restoring Force: Full Circle by Of Mice & Men


In late January of 2014, Of Mice & Men released their third full-length album, Restoring Force. Tuesday February 24th, they released a re-issue of the album, entitled Restoring Force: Full Circle, which included three new tracks, and an acoustic version of the popular, “Feels Like Forever”. The addition of the songs fit with the feel of the rest of the album, making this highly-anticipated reissue successful for all Of Mice & Men Fans.

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Review of Revolution Saints by Revolution Saints


Revolution Saints came out with their debut self-titled album February 20th. The band came together with the talents of vocalist and drummer Deen Castronovo (previously in Journey), bassist Jake Blades (previously in Night Ranger) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (previously in Whitesnake). By the name, you can tell that Revolution Saints are going to stand out from the traditional rock and roll bands. They bring in that classic hard rock sound, with a mixture of inspirational lyrics and uplifting melodies and vocals.

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Review of Only To Rise by Sweet & Lynch


Sweet & Lynch came out with their debut album, Only To Rise, late this January. The band was formed around the talents of vocalist Michael Sweet, (previously in Stryper), and guitarist George Lynch, (formally in Lynch MOB and Dokken). With the addition of bassist James Lomenzo (formally in Megadeath and Black Label Society) and drummer Brian Tichy (previously in Whitesnake), Sweet & Lynch was formed, bringing back the sounds of classic 70’s and 80’s rock and roll. 

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Review of Of Beauty and Rage by Red


Two grammy nominations, millions of dedicated fans, and five full-length albums later, Rock trio Red are back; set to release their new album, Of Beauty and Rage, on February 24th. As their first album in two years, it shows off the growth and maturity of the band, and brings back the familiar sounds of their first two albums. Of Beauty and Rage sets the standard for the musical capabilities of the group, and should be seen as a triumph and the crowd jewel of Red’s discography.

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Review of Whiskey On My Breath by Love and Theft

546f7b22d69dec61a4000033 Review by Taylor Ostrick The hardest thing about success is not only maintaining it, but finding a way to follow it up with more success. Many talented bands and artists have succumbed to the fate of becoming “one hit wonders” after failing to continue producing quality material after achieving a brief flash of fame and popularity from an unexpected hit that shot up the charts. Duo Love and Theft (comprised of Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles) had that type of hit with their first #1 song “Angel Eyes” back in 2011, but have since struggled to recapture such prosperity at country radio. Their newest release, Whiskey On My Breath, (their first record since the self titled album that spawned “Angel Eyes,”) with it’s clean pop-country approach could be the one to elevate this gifted duo right back to the top of the charts, and help them reclaim the critical and commercial success that they fleetingly experienced on their previous record. Continue reading

Review of American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy


More than a decade and seven full-length albums later, Fall Out Boy have managed to keep themselves in the spotlight, becomming the masters of a “comeback”. After a five year hiatus, the band surprised millions with the sudden release of 2013’s Save Rock and Roll, where the band began to show their shift in direction from their old punk-rock style of music, into an experimental pop record with rock undertones. American Beauty/American Psycho, scheduled to release January 20th, takes that to the next level showing the world a new side of Fall Out Boy.

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Review of Damned Renegades by Davenport Cabinet

davenport cabinet

Davenport Cabinet released their third full-length album, Damned Renegades, with Equal Vision Records on September 30th of this year. Based in Warwick New York, Davenport Cabinet originally started as a solo project by Coheed and Cambria’s Travis Stever. With the addition of Tyler Klose (vocals and guitar), Tom Farkas (bass), and Michael Hickey (drums, percussion, and vocals) it evolved into a full band in 2007. The album shows off the band’s signature alternative folk, indie rock, and classic rock sounding style. To fans of Coheed with high expectations from Stever, this record does not disappoint.

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Review of Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6


Fearless Records is set to release it’s Sixth volume of  “Punk Goes Pop” this Monday, November 17th. The album features Various Artists ranging from metalcore bands August Burns Red and Upon A Burning Body to pop punk groups State Champs and Knuckle Puck. Like every “Punk Goes Pop” installment, the album has it’s various hits and misses throughout, making you jump from an amazing cover to one that’s more lacking. Though it should be said this is an album that gets better over time; give it a few listens and it’s guaranteed to grow on you.

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