Emmure Captivates Clifton Park

IMG_7616Emmure brightened up a rainy day by bringing their fall tour with Stick To Your Guns, Wage War and Sanction to Clifton Park on October 27 2018.

Long Island newcomers Sanction opened the night by playing songs off of their latest release, The Infringement of God’s Plan.

The set was short but sweet,  and their performance of “Sixhundredthirtyone”, a fan favorite off of their most recent release, was their best song performance of the night.

Fearless Records favorites Wage War followed Sanction’s performance by opening with the fast-paced, “The River.”


The crowd started to pick up once Wage War took the stage, hitting every note of “The River” with pure excellence. Vocalist Briton Bond strives to put on a show that keeps your attention from beginning to end, and his attention to detail on his vocals prove that.

Bond will move to every inch of the stage to ensure a good time is being had by every fan in the crowd. This is one of many performances by Wage War at Upstate Concert Hall, and regardless of how many times they perform, watching them never gets old.

The event of the evening was third in line: Stick To Your Guns. They brought a performance to Upstate Concert Hall that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

The guitarist of a former Rise Records band, Downswing, joined Stick To Your Guns for two guest vocal spots which appealed heavily to the Albany crowd.


Despite the crowd being heavily influenced by Stick To Your Guns, the performance by guitarist Anthony Salvaggio only heightened the energy and intensity in the venue. Not a person in the room wasn’t off their feet when they started playing “Empty Heads”, and Salvaggio joined in.

Stick To Your Guns closed their set with fan favorite, “This Is More,” which had the most stage dives and crowd surfers of the evening. When their set came to an end, there was a sea of smiling faces in the crowd, and chants from fans for an encore.

Headliners Emmure kicked off their set by walking on stage with a distorted background on screen to set the mood for their high-tech and heavy performance.


Frontman Frankie Palmeri captivated the crowd from the moment he walked on stage and the band started performing, “You Asked for It”, the opening track to Look At Yourself.

The highlight of their set was Emmure’s performance of  “Solar Flare Homicide” which had people running into the venue from outside to join in the madness.

The only thing disappointing from Emmure’s performance was their disregard from fans screaming for an encore when their set was finished. Emmure’s set was finely tuned with little to no musical errors during their set. Their stage design was incredibly captivating, their stage presence was profound, and Emmure is never a band to miss out on seeing live.

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