Review of The Retrograde Tour


Crown the Empire, alongside Blessthefall, New Years Day, Too Close To Touch and Light Up The Sky brought their Retrograde Tour to Upstate Concert Hall.

Light Up The Sky, who used their time on stage to promote their new material, as well as crack jokes stating, “hopefully someone gets pregnant by the end of this song”, utilized the venue, and worked to rev up the crowd for Too Close To Touch.

Following Light Up The Sky were rock group Too Close To Touch. Promoting mainly their full-length album, Haven’t Been Myself, Too Close To Touch seem to be a bit underrated in the music scene.

As a first timer seeing Too Close To Touch, they exceeded any expectations I had. Frontman Keaton Pierce spent the entire duration of their last song in the audience sharing his microphone with fans and being up against the barricade.

Blending personal issues into their material, Too Close To Touch made themselves relatable to their fans by asking the audience things like, “Has anyone been abandoned before?”

“My dad left me when I was eight,” said Pierce.


Despite being the third act on the lineup, New Years Day were by far the best act of the tour. Coming out each night in their traditional theatrical makeup and attire, if you didn’t see the Retrograde Tour as a New Years Day fan, you became one.

The immediate energy shown by New Years Day is almost overwhelming. If you are asleep, they will not stop until you wake up. New Years Day are known for their theatrical performances, but it’s more than that that makes New Years Day so much fun to watch.

If anything, New Years Day is an experience rather than a performance. Vocalist Ash Costello coming out and immediately nailing her harsh notes and high notes, Costello is easily one of the fiercest vocalists in the rock scene right now.

Alongside guitarist Nikki Misery getting in fans faces and bass player Frankie Sil keeping the energy fast-paced, no one could keep their eyes off of New Years Day.

Keeping a balance of performing newer and older material, every member of New Years Day owned the stage in their own way. Whether it be Costello spending an entire song in the audience, the band doing the manikin challenge together or Sil playing on top of guitarist Jeremy Valentyne.

New Years Day were followed by Blessthefall, who released their album, To Those Left Behind, last year.


Frontman Beau Boken explained to fans how he dropped out of high school to start his band, and came out by spraying water bottles on fans. While performing, “Exodus”, the fans inside Upstate Concert Hall acted out more than I have seen in the last five years.

Every member of Blessthefall was incredibly active on stage, showing off not only their genuine talent, but their insane energy and eagerness to perform.

The Retrograde Tour closed with the band of the hour, Crown The Empire. With their latest release, Retrograde, the band performed their entire tour without their other vocalist, Dave Escamilla.

Despite not having Escamilla on the road with them, frontman Andy Leo came out with the goal of entertaining the entire venue with his stage presence. Performing favorites for fans like, “Memories of a Broken Heart”, fans were dying to get up front to the stage and watch Crown The Empire.


Promoting, Retrograde, that came out over the summer, Crown The Empire kept a nice balance of their older, heavy theatrical content, and their newest content to please all fans at the venue.

The tour, which packed the Clifton Park venue, are a favorite for fans to come out and see. For fans of their newest album, it was exciting to see the stage decorated with blown up Crown The Empire astronauts, and the band coming out and immediately performing the first two songs off of Retrograde; “SK-68” and “Are You Coming With Me?”


The Retrograde Tour from start to finish was a theatrical and sensational show, with outstanding talent, and captivating stage presence, lights and design to complement.

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