Beartooth let’s fans release their aggression

img_2399On Nov. 04, Beartooth brought all of their aggression to Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY.

Beartooth, along with direct support Every Time I Die and openers Fit For A King and Old Wounds, left fans creating massive most pits on their Aggressive Tour.

Old Wounds from New Jersey opened the show with their metal style to set the tone for the night.


Encouraging fans to get up and moving and having non-stop energy their entire set, Old Wounds got fans ready to see Fit For A King.

Fit For A King, another metalcore band, came out and immediately woke up Upstate Concert Hall.

“If the person next to you isn’t moving, push them,” said frontman Ryan Kirby, to promote fans moving during their set.

Performing fan favorites like, “Slave To Nothing,” Fit For A King put on an incredibly engaging performance. Besides the vocals by Kirby being quite clean and clear, there was intense focus by every member of the band to be sure their performance would be up to their stands.

Despite the intense energy and focus exhibited by the band, no one inside of the Clifton Park venue was ready for the exciting chaos brought upon by New York natives, Every Time I Die.

Every Time I Die, who just released their newest full-length album, Low Teens, proved themselves to be the event of the evening.


Including members of the band jumping into the crowd on multiple occasions, and interacting with as many fans as possible, the energy inside of the venue was outstanding for those taking part in the destruction, and tolerable for those surrounding it.

Perhaps the song of the evening, while performing the popular, “Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space,” the crowd’s participation left even security guards in shambles.

From the lights to their performance, Every Time I Die went above and beyond to make every fan feel noticed. Rarely does a band most this fast-paced, and make sure to hit every section of a venue.

At any given moment, frontman Keith Buckley could be sharing his microphone with a fan, while guitarist Jordan Buckley would be jumping into the audience.

Buckley, who kept his warm vibrato up for the entire set, maintained an outstanding stage presence the entire show.

What sets apart Every Time I Die from other bands in this scene is that you don’t need to go into an Every Time I Die show as a fan. By the time you watch their entire set, you will become one.

With members of the band hopping onto speakers, getting in fans faces and fans practically leaning over the barricade to sing with Buckley, your expectations of seeing your favorite band live will be forever changed once you attend an Every Time I Die show.

Although Every Time I Die were by far the best part of the tour, fans still had the treat to see Beartooth end the night.


Beartooth, who earlier this year released their second full-length album, Aggressive, used their time on stage to promote the new album.

A special night for frontman Caleb Shomo, Shomo recalled fond memories at the Clifton Park venue. “This is the first venue I ever performed as a frontman,” said Shomo.

Despite performing more material from Aggressive, Beartooth decided to play older songs to excite the crowd and increase the activity.

“You feel like a crowd that needs a little more motivation,” said Shomo as the band went on to perform, “The Lines.”


Beartooth, who pride themselves on giving their fans a genuine rock and roll show, also gave that performance for themselves. The vocals by Shomo sounded stellar live, with every song on pitch and the vocals being as crisp and clear as they are on recordings.

The song of the night by Beartooth, “In Between,” left fans crowd surfing more than any song of the night, and even had Shomo sharing his microphone with two fans to help sing the chorus.

Be sure to catch Beartooth on their run of the Aggressive Tour in Europe in the coming weeks, or when they’re back in the U.S. in March of 2017.

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