Motion City Soundtrack Say Farewell To Upstate Concert Hall


motion10editFans gathered last Tuesday to give a final goodbye to the influential group, Motion City Soundtrack.

For the last time, Motion City Soundtrack played Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY after years of playing the venue. Fans of all-ages came together to see their final performance, and reminisce the joy brought to them from the band.

The show opened with Rozwell Kid from West Virginia. A nice start for the night, Rozwell Kid opened with their Indie style to excite the crowd, and awaken energy. 

With their fast-paced sound, they were a great start to the night, and enough to amp up the crowd for the act that followed, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves.

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves felt nostalgia on stage with Motion City Soundtrack as they recalled the many years they had taken them on tour, and played in Clifton Park. The four piece indie style rock band helped to pick up the pace in the crowd, and get people’s bodies moving.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves kept a mellow vibe on stage, mainly focusing on their performance. Despite their low intensity and energy on stage, the focus they put into their instruments did wonders for their performance.

Frontman Pete Weiland hit crisp notes and kept his vocals consistent the entire evening. Drummer Tyler Soucy showed the most energetic performance of the band, by consistently giving his all for every note struck on his drum kit. Little details like these show why their passion is more for their playing of instruments, as opposed to playing to the crowd.

The band ended their set with their hit, “We Don’t Need Our Heads”, which left the crowd in extreme excitement for the headlining act, Motion City Soundtrack.

Forming in 1997, Motion City Soundtrack have decided to end their careers after almost 20 years of being touring musicians. For the final time, they plated the Clifton Park venue, which the band has fond memories of playing at over their many years together.

With the excitement from fans to see the band for the final time, Motion City Soundtrack fans, and themselves, made sure to give their all during this performance.

From the non-stop energy from every member of the band, and the crowd members, this performance left intensive joy in the hearts of all fans. You could feel the mix of emotions from fans who were excited to see Motion City Soundtrack, but were also pained by the knowledge it would be their last time seeing them.

The amounts of crowd surfing, moshing and all around joy by the audience made it incredibly enjoyable to watch from the sidelines. The looks of pure happiness from Motion City Soundtrack as they watched their fans react so strongly for their music is something they will soon not forget.

Whether a new or old fan of Motion City Soundtrack, it is safe to say that the So Long, Farewell Tour is one to mark in history as not only the band’s last tour, but as a tour that brought fans and the band together. This Clifton Park show was one for the books as Motion City Soundtrack’s final emotional and powerful evening of music.

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