Cane Hill Bring Hardcore To The Vans Warped Tour


Through stress of a new album and their first time on the Vans Warped Tour, Cane Hill are telling the tale of what it’s like behind the scenes being a part of the country’s largest traveling music festival.

Cane Hill released their debut album, “Smile”, on Rise Records July 15. Being newer to the hardcore scene, this is Cane Hill’s first time on the Vans Warped Tour. Unsure of what the tour had in store, it so far has surpassed frontman Elijah Witt’s original expectations.

“I didn’t expect it to be super hectic, and it is definitely super hectic,” he said.

With the fast-paced nature of the tour, Witt finds that it is unlike any tour he’s been on before. “It’s the most exhausting tour I’ve ever been on and it feels like I’ve been on tour three months when it’s been like two weeks,” he said.

With the way the tour is run, Witt finds himself constantly exhausted. “You wake up really early, you go to sleep really late, and I’m drunk most of the time so that’s not helping anything,” he said.

Mixing their first album release with their first Warped Tour, the band have used the summer-long tour to help boost notoriety of their new album through various social media outlets and pre-orders.

“We sell the pre-order laminate so that way we can boost our first week sales,” he said.

With the album in its second week of release, Witt finds that there is a significant lack of stress from the album finally being public.  Witt feels that the album allows for, “having the stress of whether or not it’s going to flop be off my shoulders,” he said.

To remove stress from Witt before it’s release, Witt would try to keep it in the back of his mind. “I try not to think about it coming out,” he said.

Despite the stress from Witt about it’s release, fans seem to have had great reactions to the new material during Warped Tour.

Using their time on stage to mix their old material with new material, Witt notices that even though they had been playing a previously unreleased song on their set list, that the excitement from their fans seises to die down.

“We play three new songs three old ones, and the energy doesn’t die.”

Along with the excitement of releasing new material, Witt’s favorite part of Warped Tour this year is the lack of YouTubers, along with seeing his musician friends.

“A few of our friends are on the tour that we probably wouldn’t have toured with otherwise, so it’s nice to have people you know.”

With Warped Tour being such a large event, there are pros and cons to being a part of it. Witt describes his least favorite part of Warped Tour being simply, “pop punk,”.

Playing on the Full Sail University stage all summer, Cane Hill hope to showcase their new material from “Smile”, leaving fans excited about the debut album. Following Warped Tour, they will be touring in Australia, Germany and the UK.

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