Review of “Running With Scissors” by In Lights


Running With Scissors should act as a role model to any newcomers in the pop punk scene as to how any debut EP or album should sound.

With their debut EP, Running With Scissors, out July 1, In Lights have the ability to become one of the biggest newcomers in the pop punk scene. By demonstrating their impressive amount of musical knowledge and overall musical capabilities, this EP sets them over the top for their genre.   

With only four songs on the EP, In Lights use every song to showcase different aspects of their talent. Only around a year and a half into their career, In Lights have come out swinging with great quality production, witty lyrical composition and pristine guitar riffs.

The opening track, “Running With Scissors”, opens with crisp instrumentals complemented by clean-cut pop punk undertones to immediately get you hooked. The song shows off the witty songwriting the band possess with lyrics like, “I’m like a secret cause i’ll never make friends, there’s always strings attached they’re tied at both ends.”

Frontman Tanner MayDay shows off his rich, warm vocal tone by singing a lower range of vocals in “Play Your Cards Right, Kid”. The drumming from Issac Orue throughout the song is the best of any song off the EP, while also showing off how the band can easily keep a catchy and captivating beat.

The impressive guitar riffs and chords from Ilya Turnov in the background of “Turn Tables”, as well as the stellar diction from MayDay just demonstrate textbook proper execution, and the song “One Year Down” as a whole works as an anthemic love song for all fans of pop punk.

There is always room for musical growth, but it is impressive just how talented this four-piece band is right out the gate with this EP. With good things to say about every track from this release, it is safe to say In Lights are a band that have an extremely bright future ahead of them.

Download: “Running With Scissors” 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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