Review of “Waiting on Cool” by Heyrocco

Musicians in the indie scene may be killing it, but not as much as the three young gentlemen that make up Heyrocco.

“Waiting on Cool”, the second release from Heyrocco, mixes fast-paced punk chords with witty lyrics to create what could become the next Cage The Elephant.

The EP’s opening track, “Yeah”, is one of the best songs off the record, and completely sets the pace and feel of the album. The fast paced guitar with punk undertones and the almost raspy vocals from frontman Nathan Erli set you up for what you’re in for: a textbook executed indie album.

What’s interesting about Heyrocco is how they will follow the same style, but can change from song-to-song as to what their indie alternative rock style means. Going from “Yeah”, to a ballad like, “It’s Always Something New”, shows the range of punk to a more delicate sound that Heyrocco can display.

“It’s Always Something New”, stands out from the other tracks on the EP. Having the blend of vocals between Erli and a guest female vocalist adds an intriguing depth to the piece that other songs cannot do. Having the female vocalist complements the lyrical composition of the song, and makes for a cute, simple ballad.

Although “Venice Beach” seems to feel a bit out-of-place with the style of the rest of the EP, the end track, “Perfect World”, stands out as the perfect end to the “Waiting On Cool” EP.

“Perfect World”, which follows the same chord progression throughout the song, has a feeling of relaxation and calmness through the track. The vocal style by Erli is perfect for the lyrical message of this song, when expressing lyrics like, “It’s funny how you never really want the life you get, and even when you do there’s some shit wrong with it.”

 If there is a track that showcases more than anything who Heyrocco are, and what they can be, it is “Perfect World”.

While waiting on their full-length release, this EP gives you a look into what to expect from Heyrocco in the future; and if it’s anything like this EP, you should expect great things.

Download: “Perfect World”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

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