Hatebreed bring heavy metal back to Upstate Concert Hall

27001809734_49b05b9640_oMetal fans of all ages gathered to see Hatebreed perform for what frontman Jamey Jasta recalls as their 21st year performing live.

The Concrete Confessional Tour featuring Hatebreed, DevilDriver and Act of Defiance stopped at Clifton Park’s Upstate Concert Hall on June 8. Hundreds of devoted fans came out on the Wednesday evening for a night of raw heavy metal, and did not leave disappointed.

The night opened with the almost super group Act of Defiance. Made up of former members of iconic metal groups Megadeth, Shadows Fall and Scar The Martyr, Act of Defiance were the perfect way to start up the night.


Being a mixture of ages worth of talent, Act of Defiance were able to put on your classic heavy metal performance by showcasing rich vocal strength by vocalist Henry Derek Bonner, and impressive chord progression from former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick.

With years of experience and overall musical intelligence backing them, Act of Defiance were easily able to show off why they deserve to be a household name for metal.

By the mix of covers and original pieces done by the band, the venue seemed just right for a performance of their nature and intensity. Despite the occasional wallflowers in the crowd, the audience seemed to enjoy being riled up for DevilDriver by the general energy and excitement given off by Act of Defiance.  

DevilDriver, who just recently released their seventh studio album “Trust No One”, used their time on stage to show off more variety of their songs as opposed to just showcasing their newest release.

Their setlist only contained two tracks from their newest album, which left a majority of their setlist containing songs from their early and mid 2000’s releases like, “The Last Kind Words” and “The Fury of our Maker’s Hands”.


Members of the band like frontman Dez Fafara and new bassist Diego Ibarra utilized all areas of the stage to put on a performance enjoyed and seen by all aspects of the venue.

Especially impressive by Fafara was his live vocal diction he presented to fans. Whether it was the crowd chanting, “I don’t give a shit”, or him yelling, “this is my night”, the vocal diction during their entire show was actually better live than in recording.

Despite someone being dragged out of the venue, the performance easily had fans in the audience raising their horns along to tracks like fan favorite, “I Could Care Less”, and head banging to every crushing chord played by guitarist Neal Tiemann.


After waiting hours for the opening act, Hatebreed came on stage and immediately captured everyone’s attention. A few technical difficulties left Jasta filling in some time to amp the crowd up by discussing how fans “prefer loud amps to the face” as opposed to cell phone usage, and encouraging fans to have fun no matter who or what was in their way that evening.

Hatebreed’s performance is the epitome of a metal show. Not for a second did the energy die down, or were fans not moving their bodies in the audience. A smart move, Hatebreed played one song into the other without taking breaks between songs, which was ensured by Jasta so the band would be able to play every song their fans wanted to hear that evening.

By performing one song into another, it felt rushed, but in a pleasant way. This kept the intensity and excitement in the venue set so high, that fans were ready to jump from one song into the next, and the band didn’t need to come back out for an encore song.

If there is anything to take from a Hatebreed show, it is that this is a band that adores their fanbase. From engaging with fans from the side stages to fans in the crowd, there is not a section of the venue in which Hatebreed didn’t give entertainment and their full attention.

Watching members like Jasta, bass guitarist Chris Beattie and guitarist Wayne Lozinak perform was easily enjoyed by everyone. The looks on their faces as they watched their fans chant lyrics with them is how every band should look in the midst of a performance.

Jasta removing his wristband mid-song to give to a fan, and constantly encouraging fans to keep up their energy, makes Jasta the textbook definition of what a frontman should be.


If the energy and excitement from their members wasn’t enough, Hatebreed also comes with decades of musical knowledge. All vocals from Jasta were sharp, crisp and clean, as well as were all the powerful chords and notes hit by Beattie, Lozinak and guitarist Frank Novinec.

Fan favorite “I Will Be Heard”, was by far the most energetic and powerful song of the night from both Hatebreed, and the fans in the audience. With the most amount of mosh pits and crowd surfing, Jasta made sure that fans at the show were there for, “some heavy metal to relieve all stresses”, and used this track to ensure that.

Men and women of all ages were represented at this Hatebreed concert with one common goal that was met: having the time of their life at a marvelous metal show.

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