Review of Issues at Upstate Concert Hall


issues17editReview by Rachel Milstein

Post hardcore band Issues had no issues captivating fans for their Monster Energy Outbreak Tour at Upstate Concert Hall.

Issues, with direct support Crown The Empire and opening acts One OK Rock and Night Verses, left the hundreds of fans who came out to see them with smiles on their faces and sweat on their clothes. All four performances brought their own unique sound to the stage making for an intriguing and diverse show.

Opening act Night Verses came out strong with members jumping across the stage and engaging with fans as they entered.

Newcomers to the post-hardcore scene from Long Island, Night Verses proved themselves to be not only visually captivating to fans, but also show promise as great live performers.

One OK Rock, a band largely known throughout Japan, made their Upstate Concert Hall debut one to remember. Their performance, which included jumps with intensive height, lights within their guitar necks and jumping into the audience, left fans with the name One OK Rock imprinted in their heads.

Direct Support Crown The Empire came out strong by getting in fans faces, and showering them with high fives. Being a classic fast-paced posthardcore band, the audience had no issues getting involved with sound and energy.

Being the most energetic band on stage that night, Crown The Empire brought an impressive performance. Bringing exposure to “Mercury”, their new album set to release this summer, the band played some newer songs off of the soon to be released record.

Having a blend of playing their newer style of music, as well as songs that gave them their name like “Johnny’s Revenge”, fans were left with a variety of Crown The Empire songs to enjoy.

The moment Issues took to the stage, the room was filled with passion and energy. Issues, the band made from previous members of Woe Is Me, played at Upstate Concert Hall for the third time for their stop on their tour. Frontman and clean vocalist Tyler Carter was awed by fans in the audience as he jumped on top of the lit-up Issues box and into the crowd.

Issues used their stage time to mainly promote “Headspace”, their new album out May 20.  With it’s upcoming release, Issues played their most recent song, “The Realist”, which follows Issues signature mixing of genres by combining some pop, rock and rap influences. Despite the promotion for the album, Issues still spent their time bringing back classic heavy tracks like “Hooligans” and “Never Lose Your Flames”.

Coming out immediately with intensive energy, Issues left fans with smiles across their faces and screams filling the venue. Bassist Skyler Acord was continuously engaging with the audience by extending his hand out, making faces and pointing out fans singing along to song lyrics.

The raw talent shown off by Acord along with guitarist AJ Rebollo made them exciting to watch from close or far away. The attention that all members of Issues gave to the audience was outstanding, because no area of the venue was left neglected.

This energy given off by all members of the band was given back by the intense crowd activity. The non stop cheering from the audience only enhanced the energy given off by Issues, and left members jumping across all areas of the stage.

Carter’s smooth R&B style voice mixed with Michael Bohn’s heavy screams creates the perfect balance for a fun and upbeat performance which also incorporates heavier vibes. Bohn commanded the stage with his intense stage presence, and made sure that not a single fan was forgotten.

The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour was one for the books regarding Issues previous stops at the venue. The overwhelming energy and crowd activity made this a show to remember, and a tour Issues should reflect on as one of their best to date.

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