LIGHTS Sells Out the Marlin Room at Webster Hall


Warner Bros recording artist LIGHTS brought her Midnight Machines Acoustic Tour to NYC on May 4th for what promised to be a great night for all in attendance. LIGHTS brought out LoLo with her as tour support, which would prove to be a wonderful choice as the two singers both have outstanding command of the stage with just their vocals and personalities. These two talented women sold out the Marlin Room at Webster Hall to add to a string of sold out shows.

Lauren Pritchard, better known as LoLo, kicked things off with her one of her most popular singles “Heard it from a Friend” (2013). She had the crowd engaged immediately with this fiery song. It was a fantastic song to start the night off because it showed off both her phenomenal vocals and her charismatic personality. After the song ended she thanked the crowd for coming out early to kick things off with her and for listening to her cursing, which got a good laugh from the crowd. Many fans probably know LoLo from her appearances on some of the most popular radio songs to come out in recent years including “Miss Jackson” by Panic! At The Disco and “Centuries” the lead single from Fall Out Boy’s most recent release American Beauty/American Psycho (2015) that was certified 4x Platinum.  It was evident one song in that the majority of the crowd had arrived early so as not to miss her set.

Another noteworthy song from the set was “Golden Year”, a song from her most recent EP Comeback Queen (2015). LoLo also played, the single from Comeback Queen “I Don’t Wanna Have to Lie” and “Not Gonna Let You Walk Away”. From the crowd’s reaction they were more than familiar with the release as many sang along and cheered throughout the songs. This EP perfectly showcases LoLo’s incredible vocal range and control. As expected, the highlight of the set was “Hit and Run” (2014) her most popular song on Spotify and arguably one of her most popular singles. LoLo was the perfect artist to open up for LIGHTS with her captivating stage presence and wonderful vocals.

LIGHTS kicked things off taking the stage entirely on her own for an acoustic version of “River” from her album The Listening (2009). She continued on with a song from her most recent acoustic release, Midnight Machines, (2016). “Up We Go” came with the addition of her keyboard player and a guitarist brought a slightly more energetic feel to the room. Despite the very stripped down performance LIGHTS had an incredible stage presence keeping the full focus of the sold out audience from start to finish, all without leaving her seat, a feat many performers would not be able to accomplish. When she carried into “February Air” also from The Listening she was joined by a small orchestra on stage, which brought yet another unique element to the show. Fans were certainly in for a night they will remember for some time as this was far different from a normal one of her sets. In addition to hearing acoustic songs stripped down from their full band original versions, her set was much more intimate and relaxed from her normal high-energy sets with wonderful lighting and production.

Fans were treated to some of their favorite songs originally from Little Machines (2014) including “Oil and Water” and the ever popular “Don’t Go Home Without Me” which was also present on LIGHTS’ acoustic release of Midnight Machines.  It was evident from the delight in the crowd that they absolutely loved hearing the thorough mix of newer and older favorites being performed without a full backing band. The next song to really stand out from the Midnight Machines acoustic release was “Follow Me Down”. The song allowed for a moment to really show off her smooth vocals all throughout the range of the song. LIGHTS also played “Running with The Boys” and “Meteorites” released most recently on Midnight Machines. She closed out her set with “Toes” and “Banner” from her acoustic release of Siberia (2013). It was clear when “Banner” ended that one song was missing and the crowd was VERY eager hoping that the song would be played after all. Of course, LIGHTS finished off the set with “Muscle Memory”, a fan favorite from both her acoustic and full length releases.


Both women took command of the stage and crowd with skilled vocals and charismatic personalities which made for a very special evening. Be sure to keep an eye out for what each has coming in the near future.

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