The Cult bring back classic rock to Clifton Park


A night of beer drinking and classic rock n’ roll perfectly describe The Cult’s performance at Upstate Concert Hall, April 2.

Formed in 1983, The Cult alongside Holy White Hounds performed at Clifton Park’s Upstate Concert Hall on their Alive in the Hidden City tour to bring a night of classic rock to all who attended. With their almost 40 years of music experience, The Cult brought a show that could only be described as magnificent.

Holy White Hounds are set to release their debut album, “Sparkle Sparkle”, May 6. Newcomers to the rock scene, Holy White Hounds used their time on stage to show the audience they are a band to keep an eye out for.


Straight from Iowa, Holy White Hounds come out of an expanding local music scene. Due to a gap between where they can play in their hometown, the band enjoyed the area and show at Upstate Concert Hall.  

“It’s a growing music scene in Iowa and there’s lots of cool bands right now locally but we have like a venue gap of like 400 capacity to our stadium which is massive,” said bassist James Manson.


Returning to Albany for the second time on May 7, Holy White Hounds are excited to play at The Hollow for a new round of fans. “I think it went great — it was a really fun show,” said Manson.

Debuting tracks off the new record like the popular single, “Switchblade”, Holy White Hounds showed off their classic rock sound with their own stylish spin on the genre. Combining their mixture of genuine talent by all members of the group, engaging energy and enjoyment and comedy on stage, Holy White Hounds were the most enjoyable set of the night.

The Cult, whose years of touring packed the Upstate Concert Hall, left the vibe of a perfect rock show across the room. “Smiling is free, feeling good is free,” preached vocalist Ian Astbury, and that’s exactly what the crowd did.

No matter what show you go to, there will be someone too intoxicated who will be carried out of the venue. This being said, it’s been years since I attended a rock show with an overwhelming feeling of togetherness.

Hanging back, drinking beers at the beer with your arms around your friends singing along to songs is the epitome of rock n’ roll. This was the exact vibe throughout the venue: drinking beer, and having a great time.


Watching The Cult play, you can just see the years of talent and experience these guys have. Whether it’s guitarist Billy Duffy shredding on his guitar or Astbury playing his tambourine and letting out his distinct smooth grungy pipes, you can see in their performance that these are master players.

With years of experience behind them, The Cult did not disappoint for putting on what could be considered one of the best classic rock shows to hit Upstate Concert Hall in years.

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