Garrett Nickelsen of The Maine Talks Current Tour, Warped, and More!


Music Notes Reviews had the chance to ask Garrett Nickelsen, bassist for The Maine, a few questions about their current co-headliner with Mayday Parade, the most recent release, American Candy, and their upcoming run on Warped Tour. Check out what he had to say below and be sure to grab your tickets to see them on warped tour now!

How has The American Lines Tour been going so far? How have the crowds been?

The tour has been great so far! Always a great time with the Mayday guys. Also, our friend and great musician Brennan from The Technicolors is opening up the show.  Most of the crowds have been glorious, cannot complain at all.

It’s been nearly a year since you guys released American Candy and both of the singles released off the record charted well on the iTunes Alternative Chart, how has fan reception been to the album as a whole?

American Candy has been our biggest success since our first album I think. It feels a lot like our first album again. Not just in terms of sales and people enjoying in but for our head space too. I wouldn’t say we really had a “dark” period but this album did sorta have the “this could be the last one feeling”. That made us really push each other to make something worth people’s time. I’m just happy people have latched on to it so much.

Did the record live up to all you’d hoped it would be before the release?

More than we hoped! Every aspect of the album has past our view of a success. Now we just can’t wait to make another one!


Shortly after you released the record you announced you’d be doing a free tour to thank fans that have been supporting The Maine for the last 8 years, what spurred you to act on that idea with this release?

We’ve had that idea for years but just couldn’t figure out how to really make it work. The first tour on American Candy was our biggest headliner yet and doing just another tour didn’t really feel like the next step so we said “let’s try and make that free tour work.” . After long hours, really hard work, and help from people we finally made all parts comes together.

How were shows on that tour different from the one you are currently on?

Completely different. The free tour we were playing anywhere from a horse track in Texas to outside the New England Patriots stadium. Every day was so opposite to each other where on a tour like this a lot of the days can end up similar just because of venues.

What do you think the new songs bring to your live performances that older fan favorites do not?

Grooves. That’s the best thing.  A lot of the new album has parts that make you bob your head and maybe wanna dance a little. I feel like we really haven’t had that vibe before.

Do you have anything planned after this tour, new music or a summer tour?

We just announced Warped Tour for the summer! We are on the Main stage for the first time so we super excited. Also we are putting some more cover tunes that we recorded before we went out on this tour. They turned out cool, I’m excited for people to hear them. And today, we released our brand new music video for “Am I Pretty?”

Is there anything you’d like to say to fans?

Thank you! We can’t say it enough.

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