Silverstein takes Upstate Concert Hall by storm

26092667271_6e55475fdc_oA night of diving into the crowd, jumping on fans backs and expressing indignation towards Donald Trump don’t begin to describe the crazy acts at Silverstein’s headlining show at Upstate Concert Hall last Monday.

Silverstein, who are on their headlining tour with direct support Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, and openers Coldrain and Rarity, crushed Clifton Park’s Upstate Concert Hall March 28.

The show opened with pop-punk band Rarity from Canada, who brought an energy to the stage to prepare for the rest of the bands on the lineup. With a mixture of lighting and performance, Rarity showed off their ability to grab the attention of the crowd and prepare fans for metalcore band Coldrain.

Coldrain showed off a mixture of skills and abilities with their show at Upstate Concert Hall. With all members of the band being engaging and energetic, they put on a performance that the crowd had a great response to.


The band, who are on the Vans Warped Tour this year, have used their tour with Silverstein to show fans around the country that they are a definite band to being watching for this summer.

Post-hardcore band Emarosa put on a show that will be memorable for fans for years to come. The utter energy and emotion put on by their performance was perplexing for the crowd, as well as being filled with stunts and excitement.


Frontman Bradley Walden jumped over the band’s drum kit during the show, jumped on a fans back in the crowd and rolled around on stage; just a few of the stunts and energetic acts that would easily attract your attention during their performance.

Besides the outstanding energy and performance the band put on, Emarosa also were able to put on a great show in general by showing off their raw musical capabilities. All members of the band showed their ability to create compelling music live and in studio.


Hardcore band Being As An Ocean took the stage next, and unlike typical performances, their frontman Joel Quartuccio spent the majority of their set in the audience. Quartuccio, before they started their first song, already moved over the barricade and into the crowd to start a mosh pit, and sing with fans.

Being As An Ocean also used their time on stage to let out their political viewpoints and spread their message of peace and love. “If we are all the problem we must all be the solution — our solution is love but it has to start with me and it has to start with you,” said Quartuccio.

Quartuccio spoke out on his beliefs for what is right for the country, and how Donald Trump goes against all of his beliefs about the United States. Believing that Donald Trump promotes racism and discrimination, Quartuccio was quick to speak out about how he will not stand for him as president.


Silverstein entered a black fogged over stage, but immediately made it shine. Playing the venue fourteen or fifteen times, with their action and movement, the venue never fails to light up with crowd surfing, screaming and engagement.

Sharing the microphone with fans and moving to each side of the stage, Silverstein frontman Shane Told went out of his way to get in contact with as many fans as possible. Guitarist Josh Bradford brought himself to the front of the stage constantly to engage the crowd and work their energy.

“It feels like home,” said Bradford about performing at Upstate Concert Hall. “I think the people that were here had a great time, I had a great time and it was a very good time all around,” he said.


Silverstein, as well as Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Coldrain and Rarity, showed off incredible musical talent, and all-around outstanding stage performance for their stop at Upstate Concert Hall.

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