The American Lines Tour Fills Up The Paramount


Fans lined the streets hours before doors Friday night to see some of their favorite bands take the stage at the Paramount in Huntington. Mayday Parade and The Maine brought their American Lines Tour out to Long Island with support from 8123’s The Technicolors.

First up was an acoustic set from Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors, labelmates of The Maine. He kicked things off with “I’ll Love You Someday,” from the group’s 2015 release, Ultraviolet Disguise, initially an EP that was turned into a full length, deluxe edition album later that year. Smiley displayed a charismatic stage presence which drew in the crowd immediately. Next up was “Sweet Time” and “Feels Like Trouble,” both of which allowed Smiley to show off his smooth, even vocals, which when mixed with his endearing demeanor displayed why the group has potential to create a dedicated fan base. “Break on Through” certainly caught the attention of the crowd and had them moving along to the beat. Next, Smiley caught the crowd off guard with a skillfully executed cover of a very popular song. The audience certainly was not expecting a cover of The Doors, but seemed very excited to hear “Break on Through,” and many sung along happily. Finally, he closed out his captivating set with “Tonight You Are Mine.” Brennan Smiley certainly proved why he caught the attention of their management and label 8123 and attendees of his shows. The Technicolors certainly have wonderful potential, and with the backing of their label mates, The Maine and support from 8123, they certainly have a bright future.

The Maine kicked off their set with an old favorite, “Into Your Arms,” from their first full length album Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, released on Fearless Records in 2008. The song has been a staple song for the group since its release because of the effect it always has on the crowd. The near sold out crowd was singing along from the first line and all throughout the song. Next up was another older favorite, “Don’t Stop Now” from Black and White (2010). It was clear from the reaction of the crowd that the majority of people in the house were long time fans of The Maine. When they carried into “American Candy,” the title track from their 2015 release, the crowd was in for a treat. The Maine have many songs that fans cannot get enough of live, no matter how many times they’ve seen them, but there’s always something special about seeing a new favorite song live.

The Maine are a band that posses a stage presence far greater than most other bands. They are truly a band fans must see live to fully appreciate. The sing-along carried on into older favorites once again with songs like “Inside of You,” and “Girls Do What They Want,” before really breaking into more music from American Candy (2015). The record has been out about a year, so it came as no surprise when the crowd sang along passionately for “Diet Soda Society” and “Am I Pretty.” Frontman John O’Callaghn has such a charismatic presence on stage that all in attendance were immediately draw in and captivated from the start, and as the show progressed he seemed to find a way to draw them in even more. The sing – along atmosphere intensified when they performed another staple song called “Right Girl.” The song has such a powerful effect on the audience that it is a vital part of The Maine’s set whenever they play it. The group has always had a wonderful stage presence, but this tour they had the production and lighting to match their energy, which was truly something special to see. Some highly noteworthy songs in the latter portion of the set include “Misery,” and “My Heroin.” They group closed out the set with two newer songs, “English Girls” and “Another Night on Mars.” The songs off of their newest release certainly showcase a more upbeat side to the group, and really seem to resonate strongly with fans.

Mayday Parade was up last for the “Lines” part of the American Lines Tour. They kicked things off with the lead track from Black Lines (2015), “One of them Will Destroy the Other.” Next up were two of the group’s more popular songs that always elicit a strong response from the crowd: “Jamie All Over” and “When You See My Friends.” As expected, they drew the crowd in right away and had them singing along from start to finish. Mayday Parade also mixed in newer fan favorites all throughout their setlist. The next song they played from Black Lines was “Keep in Mind, Transmogrification Is a New Technology,” before they moved into a classic older favorite “Three Cheers for Five Years” from their 2006 EP, Tales Told by Dead Friends. When the group played two newer songs, “Hollow” and “Letting Go,” it was clear that the audience was more than familiar with the group’s new music.

As much as the crowd was into the new songs, they truly seemed to adore older favorites that have become staple songs for the group. This was evident when they carried into the nostalgic and saddening “Terrible Things” and “Oh Well, Oh Well” from Valdosta (’11), and their self-titled full length album, Mayday Parade also from 2011.

The group closed out their set with yet another staple song and arguably one of the group’s most popular tracks ever, “Black Cat” from one of their more prominent albums, A Lesson in Romantics (2007). The performance seemed to elicit the same strong response from both seasoned and new fans of the group. When the Mayday Parade left the stage, there were quite a few staple songs that seemed to be missing from the evening, and had they not returned for an encore, the exclusions would have left fans thoroughly disappointed. Delight could undoubtedly be heard from the crowd when the group returned to play the two songs they’d been hoping for most. First off was “Kids in Love,” which became an immediate classic at the time of its release, and has remained a fan favorite, both on throwback playlists and at live shows. The group closed out the set, as expected, with “Jersey,” and had the entire crowd engaged and singing along from start to finish.

All three groups on the American Lines Tour took the stage with the poise and command of seasoned touring acts. This was expected from Mayday Parade and The Maine, but was more noteworthy coming from Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors. Be sure to keep an eye out for what each of the acts have in store for the rest of 2016.

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