Review of Into the Wild by Wildways


Wildways are using their debut full-length album, Into the Wild, to show they don’t need to fit themselves within one genre to show off their skill set.

With Into the Wild, Wildways show their change from their original band, Sarah Where is My Tea, to the various hardcore styles that make up Wildways. Released March 25, Into the Wild is a mixture of crisp vocals, intriguing melodic instrumentation and impressive lyrical composition.  

The best part about Into the Wild is the differences in style from track-to-track. The stylistic differences between songs make it interesting to listen to the album, being unaware of what to expect from one song to the next.

The record changes from songs like “Princess”, which mix metalcore and hip-hop with guest vocals from Rebecca Need-Menear that produce crisp vocal harmonies, to “Don’t Give Up Your Guns”, the fast-paced, heaviest song off of the album, that changes from English to Russian.

This blend of different genres and sounds make it impossible to expect comes next from song-to-song throughout the record, but expect yourself to be pleased with the changes.

The album kicks off with the best track off of the record, “Skins”. The song shows off the lighter and powerful side of the band, using acoustic sounding guitar and softer, clean vocals. This song, along with “Slow Motion” which features American guitarist Cameron Mizell, show themselves to be the highlights of Into the Wild.

From the lyrics to the instrumentation, both songs show off the raw talent from all members of Wildways. The drumming by Kery Parker for “Slow Motion” and the acoustic sounding guitar in “Skins” make these stand out instrumentally, as well as lyrically with the deep conceptual words from the band.

Both songs show off the vocal talent of frontman, Toni Borisov, with the crisp falsetto he debuts in “Slow Motion”, and the clean vocal diction he shows in “Skins”. Going back and forth from clean vocals to harsh vocals throughout the song, Borisov shows of his vocal clarity from one singing style to the next.

“You gotta try to find yourself, I know you’ll find it deep inside with every second, every moment.” These lyrics from the chorus of “Skins” make the track the best lyrically composed song off of the record.

Released as the first music video from the album, “Faka Faka Yeah” shows off the groups metalcore sound with some hip-hop undertones. This fast paced song, although melodically and instrumentally impressive, seems to fall short with the lyrics attached to the song.

Along with a controversial video, “Faka Faka Yeah” displays some out-of-place lyrics within the song, slight vocal chopping, as well as repetitiveness with the lyrics “ain’t that shit, ain’t that shit bitch, faka faka yeah”.

Despite songs like “Faka Faka Yeah”, tracks like “Wings”, which open with an enchanting piano melody and warm, rich vocals from Borisov, make up for any misses on the record.

Wildways show off definite talent with this debut full-length album. With their first release on Artery Recordings, Wildways are now setting the standard for any genre-core newcomers in the music scene that they have big shoes to fill.

Rated: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Download: “Skins” and “Slow Motion”

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