British Invasion Tour takes The Fillmore by Storm


The British Invasion Tour hit Philly, PA on at one of the newest venues in the area, The Fillmore. Fans lined the streets hours before doors excited to see some of their favorite acts from the U.K. take over the U.S. Bullet for My Valentine brought out two talented supporting acts for the tour, Asking Alexandria and While She Sleeps.

Razor & Tie Record’s While She Sleeps took the stage first and set the tone for a great night. The group kicked off with with the title track, “Brainwashed” from their most recent full-length in 2015. Frontman Lawrence “Loz” Taylor brought an incredible energy to the stage running all around the stage, even jumping off the drum kit which was extremely well received by the crowd. They certainly fed off his energy and were hooked on the performance. Next up was the title track from their first full length record, This is the Six (2012). The group took the time to introduce themselves during the set and acknowledged many in the room may not have heard of them before but encouraged all in attendance to get involved and rock along. The group also played “Trophies of Violence” from This Is the Six which really seemed to get the crowd involved. The group closed out their set with another track from that record, “Four Walls.” The song was a great closing song as it amped up the crowd to the most energy they’d had so far that evening.

Next up was Sumerian Record’s Asking Alexandria, also hailing from the U.K. The group has has not slowed down since the addition of new frontman, Denis Stoff after Danny Worsnop’s departure last year. The set consisted of a good mix of new and old songs which seemed to be very well received by the crowd. They kicked off their set with a new song, “I Won’t Give In” from their upcoming album, The Black slated to be released later this month with Sumerian Records. From there they went into two fan favorites from their 2013 release, From Death to Destiny, “Run Free” and “The Death of Me”. Three songs in and Asking Alexandria had made their point, they are here to stay and have gained a much stronger stage presence with the addition of Stoff. The group has never been overly energetic on stage but certainly brought a higher energy than normal this time around. Next up was two songs from the group’s older work, “Closure” and “To the Stage”. Both tracks got the attention of seasoned fans and had them singing along emphatically. The group took the time to introduce fans to a new song, “The Black” next which seemed to be well received by both newer and older fans of the group. They closed out their set with three songs that have become staple songs for the group since their release in 2009 on Asking Alexandria’s first full length album, Stand Up and Scream. First was “Not the American Average” followed by “A Prophecy” and finally, as expected, “The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel).”

By the time lights dimmed for Bullet For My Valentine to take the stage and the intro track kicked in, the energy in the room had reached a new level. The group led off with “No Way Out” a fan favorite off of their new record, Venom, released on RCA records last year. The song was a great way to start the set as it had the entire crowd singing along emphatically from the very first lyric. They continued on with “Skin” also off Venom which was very well received by the crowd. The first song to really draw the crowd into singing every word was “Your Betrayal” from the 2010 release, Fever. Three songs in and Bullet for My Valentine had already established a wonderful stage presence and command of the crowd. They’d caught their attention immediately with a charismatic presence and did not let up for the entire set. Bullet for My Valentine flashed back to their 2007 record, Poison, with “4 Words (To Choke Upon)” which gave the group’s seasoned fans a treat they were certainly hoping for. They went back to Venom one more time for their next track, “You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” which yet again, had the entire crowd engaged. It was clear from the crowd’s reaction that Venom had certainly deserved the #1 spot it had earned on the US Top Hard Rock chart. The group went back to Fever for their next track, “The Last Fight”. Frontman Matt Tuck took a few to introduce the crowd to their friend and fill in drummer before their next song and left them to “get acquainted”; by “get aquatinted” Tuck had meant a wonderfully placed drum solo that showed off his skill and why he’d be tasked with filling the shoes of Michael “Moose” Thomas who’d stayed home to be with his wife and newborn child.

An older fan favorite and single from the deluxe album of Venom, “Raising Hell” was the perfect track after a drum solo because the entire crowd seemed to know this song. They continued on with another older song, “Scream Aim Fire” the title track from their 2008 full length release, which was also well received by the crowd. The group returned to their latest full length album one more time for the title track, “Venom.” They then carried on into a series of older fan favorites including “The Poison” and “Hand of Blood” from the group’s first full length release, The Poison (2005). Next up was a song that has been a fan favorite and staple for the group since its release in 2005, “Tears Don’t Fall.” As expected the song resonated very strongly with the crowd, drawing one of the most emphatic reactions of the evening. It seemed as though the entire crowd was singing along word for word alongside Tuck. The final song of the evening was yet another fan favorite, “Waking the Demon.” The song has also been a staple song for Bullet for My Valentine since its release in 2008 on Scream Aim Fire. Bullet for My Valentine is a great that commands the stage every time they preform which is what sets them apart from so many bands with music on the Hard Rock Charts. They take the stage with an infections confidence and charisma that never fails to leave an impression on fans.

All three bands put on memorable sets that seemed to be very well received by the packed Fillmore that evening. The second round of the British Invasion Tour is set to hit the U.S. in the late spring, be sure to grab tickets if you missed the tour this time around!

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