Review of Tonight Alive’s Limitless


Tonight Alive are set to release their third full length album, Limitless, on Fearless Records on March 4th. The group has been making quite a name for themselves on sizeable U.S. tours in the past year, including their run with All Time Low on the Future Hearts tour last spring and most recently on their Limitless tour across Australia and Europe. The album release is scheduled perfectly alongside Tonight Alive’s spring co-headliner, the Fight For Something Tour, with Set it Off and support from The Ready Set and SayWeCanFly. The album will, without a doubt, enable the Australian rockers to grow to new levels and reach new fans.

Limitless showcases Tonight Alive’s new, more refined pop sound, while maintaining the heartfelt, emotional lyrics and strong musical composition that have been staple elements since the group’s start. Despite the shift in sound, Limitless will captivate seasoned fans and will draw in new fans as well. “Human Interaction” was the first single released back in November alongside the album announcement. The song is one of the strongest off of Limitless because of frontwoman Jenna McDougall’s strong vocals and passionate lyrics. Her personality shines through in this song and is absolutely infectious; fans will be singing along word for word all throughout the song. The second single released was “To Be Free”, which is another extremely strong song with passionate lyrics and a catchy chorus.

Other noteworthy songs from Limitless include “Power of One” and “How Does It Feel”. “The Power of One” shows a slower side to the group, where the focus shifts from powerful vocals and strong backing music, to emotional lyrics with a sincere message of self empowerment. “How Does It Feel” captures the old, edgy spirit of Tonight Alive, mixed with the new more pop sound that Limitless has adopted. The song is reminiscent of older albums, which will make it a favorite of seasoned Tonight Alive Fans.

Be sure to catch Tonight Alive on their spring tour and see for yourself how enjoyable the new songs off of Limitless are and pre-order the record on their website now!

Find tour dates and pre-order the album here!

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