Review of Dissonants by Hands Like Houses


Dissonant, a musical term meaning “irregular” or “off-key”, is an ironic title for an album which is packed with concise, hard-hitting instrumental melodies and powerfully striking vocals.

Dissonants, the third full-length album from UK rock band Hands Like Houses, is a rock masterpiece with everything from a clean and clear rock sound on every song, to powerful, fulfilling vocals from start to finish.

Opening with the crisp, powerful, “I Am”, was the perfect kickstarter for Dissonants. Hands Like Houses show what they’re made of and set the clean, rock standard for this record. With a catchy rhythm, meaningful lyrical composition and guitar melodies that complement the songs heaviness and meaning, “I Am”, becomes the perfect opening track to the record.

“Stillwater”, a song that sticks out from the album, opens with a drum beat that continues throughout the piece, and keeps a catchy rhythm and rock sound through the song. The song, which reflects on pieces of the past, makes for a more emotional feel, and leaves “Stillwater” with the best composed lyrics off of Dissonants. The lyrics, “How did we get so old and never notice?” are relatable to any listener, and brings upon a sense of nostalgia and thought into whoever listens to the song.

“Division Symbols”, a powerful piano melodic rock anthem for the ages, sticks out as being one of the best songs off of the album with it’s chorus, background instrumentation and lyrical composition.

With the album staying within Hands Like Houses’ particular post-hardcore style, the album has a nice flow to it where no songs seem to feel out-of-place. A majority of this album is far from “hit or miss”, but a few songs like “Colourblind” and “Perspectives” stick out as not being as well-composed instrumentally as other pieces.

“Bloodlines” however, works as an anthemic closer to the album, with lyrics that will soon be known by the hearts of Hands Like Houses fans everywhere. The uplifting lyrical composition make “Bloodlines” the bittersweet closing track to Dissonants, and a well-written, lyrically composed highlight from the record.

Dissonants stands as the best release so far in the post-hardcore genre this year with it’s aspects of lyrical composition, production and energetic instrumentation. Not only is this going to shake up the rock genre, but Dissonants should also be noted as the best release of Hands Like Houses’ career.

Download: “Stillwater” and “I Am”
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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