Avatar Country invades The Loft in Poughkeepsie


Avatar brought their fall tour to The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY for a fun filled night of great music. They brought along Gemini Syndrome and First Decree as support with them on the tour and had out two strong local openers, One Day Waiting and Years Apart. This exciting lineup drew fans of all ages from families with elementary aged kids, to high school aged kids and adults as well which is always an exciting thing to see.

Both One Day Waiting and Years Apart seemed to have a good draw as both did a great job filling the room up early with fans that were engaged and involved in their sets. First up was Plattekill, New York’s Years Apart starting off the evening with an enjoyable set for all in attendance. The group seemed to really enjoy what they were doing which carried into the crowd and set a great mood from the start. They closed out their set having the crowd help them scream “Revolution”. One Day Waiting, hailing from the Hudson Valley have been very active opening up different shows around the New York area and will continue to be throughout the fall including upcoming appearances with Otherwise at Revolution in Amityville, Doyle and The Family Ruin at The Standhope House, and back at The Chance with Escape the Fate in October. It is no surprise the group will be opening up for such talented acts as they did a fantastic job with their set. The group has a good sound that is easily enjoyable for fans of rock which will enable them to continue supporting different groups as they come to the area and to build a solid fanbase of their own.

Years Apart

One Day Waiting

Street Smart Recording’s First Decree was the first band up on the tour package. The group has recently been making a good name for themselves on tours with In This Moment, 36 Crazy Fists, HEDpe, and Alien Ant Farm. That touring experience really pays off as the group has a strong stage presence and good ability to engage the crowd which will help them build the fanbase they are working very hard to create through touring and an online presence on social media. The set consisted of songs off of their most recent release, This is Our Rise released on August 21. Stand out songs from the set included “Not Awake”, “Phoenix” and “All That I Am”; all three songs seemed to be very well received by the crowd. First Decree is certainly a band to keep an eye out for in the future and worth checking out when they are in the area.

Gemini Syndrome took the stage next to an excited crowd. The group kicked off their set with “Pleasure and Pain”, the first song off their 2013 release Lux on Warner Bros and “Zugzwang”. They continued on to play “Resurrection” and “Mourning Star” also off of Lux. When the group’s most recent single “Eternity” started the energy among the crowd immediately rose, which is no surprise given the positive reaction received from airplay on Sirius XM station Octane.  The crowd was excited and involved from start to finish, which was no surprise given the excitement that has been around the group recently. They closed out their set with the strongest song from Lux, “Stardust” which had the entire room engaged and many fans singing along emphatically.

The scene was set and Avatar was up next. Theatric entrance music began which brought the excitement in the room up to the next level. The group took the stage in dramatic fashion, as expected, to “Queen of Blades” off of their 2009 self- titled release. They went on to play “Paint Me Red” and “Torn Apart” from their 2012 release, Black Waltz. Not too far into the set sound could be heard from below from the country artist, Craig Campbell. Avatar frontman, Johannes Eckerstrom, screamed for it to stop and turned to the crowd for help. He asked them to make sure they were louder than the show going on below which they certainly seemed determined to be. He reminded them that they were in “Avatar Country” which meant they had to do as he asked, which once again received a very strong reaction and had the crowd ready to rock. They continued on with “Get in Line” and “Bloody Angel” from their most recent release Hail the Apocalypse” (2014). They closed out the evening with fan favorites including “Smells Like a Freakshow” and “Let it Burn” from Black Waltz and title track, “Hail the Apocalypse”, from their 2014 release. Avatar is a band that puts so much into their live set that just cannot be conveyed the same through a CD or earphones; for anyone that is a fan of the band they absolutely must see them live and for those who are fans of heavy rock and metal in general Avatar should be a band to catch when they are around. They have a certain stage presence and charisma between their theatrical stage set up and captivating antics that is enticing and keeps fans coming back time and time again. It is for these reasons that the group seems to out-do themselves with each new show.

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