Review of the Future Hearts Tour ft. All Time Low and Set it Off


All Time Low kicked off the mostly-Canadian leg of their Future Hearts Tour in Maine last night, September 17, with the only U.S. date of the tour. The tour promises to be a strong one, just as the U.S. leg was with three dates sold out before the tour even began. For this leg of the tour they have Set It Off along as direct support and Nova Rockafeller as the opener.


Set it Off kicked off their set with the ever popular “Forever Stuck In Our Youth” off of their most recent full-length release Duality (2014), which is a very strong opening song for the group as it sets a carefree and upbeat mood from the moment they take the stage. While their sound has changed quite a bit one thing has remained a constant with every Set It Off show, their passion for their music and fans will never fade. This is extremely noticeable all throughout a show from their stage presence and command of the stage to the countless hours they spend meeting fans, signing merch, and taking photos every tour.  They continued on with the high energy set with more songs off of Duality including “The Haunting”, “N.M.E”, and “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. Each of these songs was filled with the typical onstage antics for the group including the Duality flag that made its debut at Warped Tour, the group jumps that have been a part of their set from the beginning and of course on of the things that always elicits a strong reaction from the crowd, frontman Cody Carson’s constant trips to the barricade and onto the crowd.

The group then brought about a more serious tone for their song “Wild Wild World” off of their 2015 release Duality: Stories Unplugged. Carson used the time before this song to address some of the struggles in the country at the moment including issues surrounding race and sexuality with a very important message, acceptance and an open mind. While current events can be a sensitive topic the matter was addressed without any specifics and with a very positive angle which was very well received with cheers and screams from the crowd. The group then picked up the energy again for more songs off of Duality including “Ancient History” and “Bad Guy”. They closed out their set for the first night of tour with the fan favorite “Why Worry” which seemed to get a good portion of the crowd singing along empathically from start to finish.

All Time Low was set to take the stage next and the crowd was more than ready for what was set to come. The set was very similar to the the one from the first leg of the Future Hearts Tour which was as expected but did not in any way take away from the enjoyment of the evening. The kicked off with “Satellites” from their most recent release Future Hearts (2015) which was the best selling album for the group and for their record label, Hopeless Records. As expected there was a great mix of songs from their discography just as there was on the first leg of the tour with most of the songs remaining the same but with some minor movement in the setlist. They went into “The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver” off of their 2012 release, Don’t Panic, “Lost in Stereo” and “Stella” off of Nothing Personal (2009) as they did last tour.

From there their changed the setlist a bit removing “Six Feet Under the Stars” and “Somewhere in Neverland” and added in “Tidal Waves” from the new record. Before playing the song lead signer Alex Gaskarth spoke about how much it meant to them to be able to have Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 on it with them. He spoke of how the group grew up listening to Bink and how their antics and stage presence is highly influence by the group they all looked up to for years. In addition to “Tidal Waves” the group also played “Runaways” and the emotional “Missing You”. Prior to the start of “Missing You” Gaskarth took a moment to speak to the crowd about how they are never alone and reminded fans that they were among others like themselves and told them to look out for one another which is always an important message. Other songs that made the setlist included the equally emotional “Therapy”, the ever-popular “Weightless” and “Love Like War”. They closed out the set with “Something’s Gotta Give” before returning for an encore of “Kids in the Dark”, ” Jasey Rae” and of course “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

Both Set it Off and All Time Low are extremely theatric and energetic bands with a unique stage presence and ability to captivate a crowd no matter how many times they may or may not have seen the groups before, which makes for a fantastic tour package. Be sure to catch this tour when it comes through your area!

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