Interview with Bryan McPherson

Music Notes Reviews’ writer and photographer Rachel Amato had the chance to speak with Folk-punk troubadour Bryan McPherson before his show in NYC at the Bowery Electric on 6/13. Check out what he had to say:


So you just started a headlining tour here in the U.S., how’s that going?

Bryan: This is the third stop on the tour, started in Maine and now here in New York, I actually just finished a tour over in the U.K.

Oh, I heard about that, did it go well? Did the Europeans respond well to your Americana style?

Bryan: Yeah, it was great. People there knew the words. Yeah Germany as well. Germany was crazy.


Also, you just got off tour with the Dropkicks [Murphys] , I saw you at the Paramount with them, awesome show, are they and their fans supportive of you?

Bryan: Yeah I remember that show, right on! I played a song with them each night “CAPS AND BOTTLES?”, they are very supportive and it was a great tour.

Wedgewood just came out a few days ago as well, could you talk about how it was self producing it?

Bryan: I had a few friends help me out on the album playing different instruments Graham Patzner on string section, piano, and organ Chris Tedesco playing horns, Keith Cornella on Mandolin, while recording up and down the west coast.

The album was a couple years in the making, but the last year been trying to get it out and known it’s a matter of budgeting and funding the money.


Speaking of West Coast, you spent a lot of time in Northern California finishing up the album.

Bryan: A lot of the time spent there was figuring out ways to perform songs. It’s one thing to write a song but you have to figure out how you want them to be performed, and learning all the words, “Song from the Moon” is a seven minute song, and you have to worry about how its going to sound on stage and how I want to look when I perform it.

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