Bryan McPherson Show Review


Review and Photos by Rachel Amato

Opening for Bryan McPherson, was Louise Distras, a London Punk Rock girl, playing her first NY show. Don’t be fooled when you see this small girl with a pretty accent get on stage. Louise can sing. She belts out her lyrics and sways from the microphone to balance her vocals to use her voice as an instrument, giving her an angsty harshness that is powerful, but not over powering, balanced with soft whispers that were as strong as her loudest cries. She has a way of making fans feel her pleading frustration but is stoic without compromise.

Bryan McPherson, Punk-Folk Americana Troubadour played a small show in NYC at the Bowery Electric on 6/13 and I got the chance to shoot him for a second time. This time though, it was a headlining tour to support his new album “Wedgewood”. Bryan leaves a lasting impression with lyrics raw, politically challenging, and genuinely real. He played a good amount of songs from his new album Wedgewood; he played “Born on a Highway” which is the debut song on the album, “Days of Rage”, and “Here We Go”, which has become a personal favorite. For his closing song he played “I See a Flag” from his second album American Boy / American Girl getting close to the audience by jumping off the stage and singing and playing his guitar in the crowd among us.

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