Upstate Concert Hall Gets Heavy With In Flames and Special Guests


Review and photos by Mark McGauley

Mother’s Day Sunday was celebrated with a dose of heavy metal at Upstate Concert Hall. Once everyone was done spending time with their mothers and grandmothers, metal fans headed out to Clifton Park, NY to see In Flames, All That Remains and Periphery.

The show was scheduled to start at 7:30pm but Periphery took the stage closer to 8pm. Periphery has been pretty active on the road as of lately and just recently headlined at Upstate Concert Hall back on February 8th. It’s not often you see a headlining band come back just 3 months later and be the opening band, but when you’re with In Flames and All That Remains, its expected. When Periphery came on stage, the venue was already packed. The majority of fans there seemed to already be familiar with who the band was and were head-banging the entire time. Others who were hearing the band for the first time seemed to quickly catch on to their style. Spencer Sotelo, the lead singer, was full of energy the entire set and brought that energy to the crowd. Anyone who hasn’t checked this band out and is a guitar player like myself needs to take the time to. Lead guitar player Misha Mansoor who formed the band is 2005 is an absolute pleasure to watch. With six guys on stage, there’s always something to keep your eyes on during their set. Each member of this band is an excellent musician and anyone who appreciates musicianship like me will have respect for these young guys.

Once Periphery got off stage, it was time for All That Remains. All That Remains have been out on the road in support of their latest release The Order of Things which came out February 24th. Those who are All That Remains fans probably caught them back in November as direct support for Killswitch Engage at the same venue. This show though wasn’t a regular All That Remains show, as they were missing drummer Jason Costa. Jason has been sitting out while dealing with a dental injury that he suffered while playing on stage. Filling in for him was Whitechapel drummer Ben Harclerode. Even with Harclerode filling in on the drum kit, the band sounded crisp. Throughout the night, the band played 3 new songs off of The Order of Things. Opening with “This Probably Won’t End Well” and then playing “No Knock” and “Divide” later in the set. All That Remains is a band that has definitely gotten better with all the touring they’ve been doing.

After All That Remains got off stage, fans were stuck waiting what seemed to be forever. Eager fans standing at the barrier up front just wanted to see In Flames already after waiting outside all day. Finally, in what seemed to be an odd stage entrance, Anders Fridén walked on stage with everyone else and picked up the microphone. Instead of going right into opening song “Embody the Invisible”, Anders apologized for being late and said they had to watch the New York Rangers beat the Washington Capitals. The crowd erupted with cheers from all the Rangers fans that are hoping to complete a miracle comeback. From then on it was all heavy metal. The set In Flames chose for the evening had followed previous ones from the “Charming America Tour”. Fans got to hear some new songs off the latest album of theirs, “Siren Charms”. One lucky fan during the night got to go up on stage with the band and film the crowd with his phone. Anders called him out for having the best seat in the house but watching the show through his phone. Instead of recording the band he wanted to give the kid an experience of a lifetime and be on stage for an entire song. The set was ended with “Take This Life” and then fan favorite, “My Sweet Shadow”. This was a night that fans won’t forget for a long time. For those fans who decided to wait until next time, they’ll be regretting it for a long time. In Flames is a band who has fun on stage and that fun transmits into the audience to make for an all around awesome experience.


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