Review of the Full Circle Tour

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Review by Taylor Hancock

The Full Circle Tour hit the Palladium in Worcester, MA on May 12, 2015 for a sold out show. Of Mice & Men were supported by two fellow Rise Records labelmates Crown the Empire and Volumes. The energy in the crowd was already high before the bands even took the stage with a circle pit opening up a few minutes before Volumes kicked off the evening.

Volumes, the rock/metal band from Los Angeles CA, was the first band to perform and the crowd loved it, keeping their already high level of energy fans crowd surfed immediately to the first song of the night. The band kept the crowd energy high throughout their performance. At one point vocalist, Michael Barr, took the mic and demanded, “Everyone up top sitting down looking like you’re bored, get the fuck up lets go!” which really got the crowd going. It seemed as if they were having mic problems and you could hear the squeaking from feedback issues, but unless you were really paying close attention you wouldn’t have noticed because they performed right through it. The band played fan favorites, including “91367”, “Vahle”, “Erased”, “Edge of The Earth”, and “Wormholes”. The fans were so into the performance that at one point a fan crowd surfed from the upper section of the floor, over the small sets of stairs and down into the pit. Volumes definitely did a great job opening up the night.

Next to hit the stage was Crown The Empire, a post hardcore band from Dallas, Texas who has been making quite a name for themselves since a very successful run on Warped Tour last summer. Fans were ecstatic to see them take the stage and the energy level kept on getting higher. Fans moshed along and crowd surfed throughout the entire set and their feet barely hit the ground. Vocalist, David Escamilla, spoke in regards to this wild energy, “I want you guys to have fun tonight. If someone falls I want you to pick them up alright that’s what I want to see!” Its really great to see artists that care for the safety of their fans like this. Throughout the night the band played crowd favorites including “Bloodline”, “Initiation”, “Voices”, and “Makeshift Chemistry”. Their drummer, Brent Taddie, threw out drumsticks into the crowd starting at the beginning of their set as well as throughout the night, instead of at the end of their set like most artists; fans went crazy over this. They closed out their set with “The Fallout”, and “Machines”. Overall they put on a great performance.

Lastly, the headlining band of the tour, Of Mice & Men, metal core band from Orange County CA, took the stage and the crowd went absolutely wild. This was their first time headlining a show at the Palladium, and it was obvious that the Massachusetts fans were very excited about it as the energy and enthusiasm in the crowd was through the roof. The band opened up the night with “Public Service Announcement” off of their most recent release Restoring Force (2014). Lead singer Austin Carlisle set the tone at the beginning of the performance saying, “put your phones down and get your feet off the ground!” Fans responded wildly, opening up a larger mosh pit. Throughout the night the band played many songs off of their latest album, Restoring Force, including “Glass Hearts”, “You Make Me Sick”, “Feels Like Forever”, “Would You Still Be There”, and “Identity Disorder”. They also played some older songs such as, “O.G. Loko” and “Let Live” which were both well received by fans as always. At one point lead vocalist, Austin Carlisle, said, “Those of you who have been with us since the beginning thank you so much for being here tonight, this one’s for you,” which of course led into their song “This One’s For You”. They also played some brand new songs, “Broken Generation” and “Never Giving Up”, and the fans seemed to know all of the lyrics already. They screamed and moshed along to both songs as emphatically as they’d done the entire night. Drummer, Valentino Arteaga, had a flawlessly performed mini drum solo leading into “Bones Exposed”. Later in the set, Carlisle slowed things down a bit leading into the song, “Another You”, which he dedicated to his mother who has passed and you could tell fans were touched by his dedication. The band closed out the show with another old one, “Second and Sebring” and fans were jumping and singing along so wildly that the whole venue was shaking. In fact, fans were so wild, demanding an encore, that the band came back on stage and played two more songs, “The Depth” and the ever popular “You’re Not Alone”. This band definitely had an incredible performance. Their stage presence was spectacular and well executed and you could see that their energy reflected in the fans that were watching the show. At one point during their set, a crowd surfer was standing straight up on top of the crowd. The Palladium’s security did an amazing job keeping fans, especially crowd surfers, safe while still allowing them to have a great time. The stage lighting was amazing, however, at certain points it did seem that the crowd was getting punched in the face with lights a little too much. Perhaps the lighting was just a little bit too much for such a small venue, however this did not take away from the fantastic performance that was put on. Of Mice & Men are truly rising stars that are a force to be reckoned with.

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