Interview with This Wild Life

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This Wild Life are a band that has made quite a name for themselves since signing to Epitaph Records last year and will continue to grow and develop a dedicated fan base with all the group has planned for upcoming months. They have new music coming out before returning for another summer on Warped Tour. Check out what goes into creating a setlist for This Wild Life and what they have coming up!

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Your sound is significantly different than the rest of the bands on the “Sleep When I Die” tour, how do you think you fit?
We simply don’t fit, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t listen to much acoustic music at all, we actually listen to all three bands on the Sleep When I Die Tour a hell of a lot more than we listen to anything remotely acoustic.

You’ve been on tours where you’re the only acoustic group before, such as the World Tour with Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens, what do you do to catch people’s attention during your set?
We’ve learned that there’s pretty much no way to capture people’s attention with the same kind of energy that bands with electric guitars and drums can do. So to be honest we don’t even try to compete in that aspect. We just rely on writing songs that come from the heart, and we try to perform them live in a way that translates the passion and love of what we do.
What did you learn on that tour that you’ll carry into this tour?
One thing we learned from Pierce the Veil was how to put together a set that really flows well. On this tour we only have thirty minutes a night, so if we talk in between each song that adds up and we’d have to cut an entire song. Instead of doing that, we wrote little transitions between tracks to keep the momentum going and squeeze in as much music as possible.

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What goes into creating a setlist for tours where you are the only acoustic act?
We approach it the same as any band does, try to play the songs that the crowd wants to hear, but also compromise and play the tracks that you’re most inspired to play.

Which songs to you feel translate best live and really get the crowd into your band?
I usually notice when we get the crowds attention and when we don’t, I think songs like “History” and “Concrete” get people interested.

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What song is your personal favorite to play live and why?
My favorite song to play live is surprisingly the first acoustic song we ever wrote, it’s off our EP called Heart Flip and it’s a song called “Ripped Away”.

If someone was going to listen to This Wild Life for the first time what song would you recommend they listen to?
I would probably recommend our song Concrete first, it’s a pretty well rounded song that shows multiple aspects of what we do.

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You signed to Epitaph Records and released your first full length Clouded almost a year ago now. Do you have any plans for new music soon?
We’re going to be releasing new music before the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

Congratulations on Warped Tour again this summer! What are you most looking forward to about this summer?
We learned so much about touring and festivals on the Warped Tour last Summer, we’re looking forward to putting all that new knowledge to good use across the board. Better setlist, better sound, better stage production, better merch, and more interaction with fans.

Who are you most excited to be playing alongside?
It’s awesome to see some friends we made in the last year like Beartooth, Pierce the Veil, and Neck Deep. I’m incredibly excited to watch bands like Pvris and Citizen. So many good bands this year, the lineup is incredible.

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What was the most important lesson you learned last summer?
I think fans these days want an experience more than just a performance. Sometimes we’d have a signing where people would come up and say they missed our set but they had to come meet us and share a story about our music and how it affected them. We try to make ourselves as available as possible while still maintaining our sanity by hanging with friends, sharing meals together, and watching music. It’s all about the balance, because Warped Tour is a huge machine. So many moving parts, it can be overwhelming if you spread yourself too thin.

What do you plan to do differently this year?
I promised myself I’m going to watch at least one set from EVERY band this year. Last year there was probably twenty bands that I never even saw and I completely regret it.

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Do you have anything to say to fans?
Look forward to new music and videos from us before Summer and come sing every word back at us.

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