Review of the Sleep When I Die! Tour

untitled (949 of 951) New Found Glory’s Sleep When I Die! tour hit the Paramount on Long Island on March 29 with support from Turnstile, This Wild Life and Turnover. The tour was set to be a great one based off of the line up but expectations were certainly exceeded from the amount of live energy and enthusiasm each band brought to the stage.

The Virginia Beach, VA based band Turnover kicked off the night with a fun set that got everyone warmed up for a good night. The group is slated to release Peripheral Vision on Run for Cover Records May 4th. They gave fans a taste of what to expect from it during their set when they played the current single “Cutting My Fingers Off” and “Most of the Time”. Based off of the reaction of the crowd the album will be very well received by fans, both new and seasoned. They did a good job starting off the night on a strong note and getting the crowd amped up for the rest of the bands.

The Wild Life took the stage next with their unique and captivating acoustic pop punk sound. The group signed to Epitaph Records last year and released their full length album Clouded last spring. They started off their set with a song off of that record “History”. This Wild Life also played “Over It” and “No More Bad Days” off of that record before going into a cover of Blink 182’s “First Date.” They always do a fantastic job of getting the crowd engaged and singing along but the cover of “First Date” seemed to have the entire building singing along. It was a moment where everyone in attendance knew all of the words and sang their hearts out, it won’t be long until This Wild Life will consistently see the same reaction with their own songs. They closed out their set with “Concrete” and the sing-along continued as many fans passionately sang the words with lead signer Kevin Jordan. This Wild Life are a band that has come quite a long way very quickly. They have created a loyal fan base in the the last year through touring. They have earned a spot on some of the biggest tours of the year last year including Warped Tour last summer and the first leg of Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Siren’s World Tour and are not slowing down now. They will be on Warped Tour once again this summer and they are certainly a band not to miss!

Turnstile took the stage with an unforgettable performance. They have a stage presence that far exceeds expectations. For those who have not seen them before they have an energy that cannot be matched, they are all over the stage and jumping around almost nonstop. Frontman Brendan Yates spent the majority of the time out in the crowd and sharing the mic with fans constantly. At times it seemed like he didn’t have the mic at all for an entire song and the vocals were coming from the avid fans at the barricade screaming into the microphone. They kicked off their set with “7” from their 2013 EP Step 2 Rhythm. They also played “Keep it Moving” and “Pushing Me Away” off of that album. They released their first studio album Nonstop Feeling this year on Reaper Records. They played “Drop”, “Bad Wave”, and “Blue By You” off of the record which elicited a great response from fans many of whom were happily screaming along all throughout their set. They finished off with “Death Grip” off of their EP Pressure to Succeed and had the crowd engaged from start to finish.

New Found Glory was set to take the stage and fans could not have been more excited. The building was full with fans of all ages screaming along as they entered to “Understatement” off of their 2002 release Sticks and Stones. They took the stage with energy and passion that was clear from the first note. This really seemed to resonate with fans and get them engaged and involved. The passion and love for the music and for fans was evident in everyone, including frontman Jordan Pundik who was confined to center stage due to a cast on his leg. He did not let his injury interfere with his stage presence though; he was jumping around, albeit on one foot, and involved as if nothing was wrong, which just shows how much live performance and putting on a great set is to him. It was just as important to everyone in the band and on their crew who ended up moving speakers mid set to allow Pundik to get closer to fans as he could not necessarily interact the way he may have wanted to due to limited mobility. It was also evident in the passion everyone put into their performance. Bassist Ian Grushka was all over the stage with high flying jumps and fun faces showing just how much he was enjoying every minute of the set. New Found Glory did a fantastic job putting on a set fans would not forget for quite some time. They did a great job of creating a setlist that incorporated a mix of songs from their extensive discography. “One More Round” and “Ready And Willing” were among the songs played off of their most recent release Resurrection from 2014. They also mixed in some older favorites including “Hit or Miss” and “Dressed to Kill” from their 1999 release Nothing Can Stay and their self tiled release New Found Glory, (2000) respectively. Regardless of the songs they played there was always a good amount of people in the crowd singing along happily but some songs will always elicit a stronger response and engage the entire crowd. “My Friends Over You”  is one of those songs that engages the entire crowd, every time. They closed out their set with this song before returning for a fantastic encore. The four song encore consisted of “Ballad for the Lost Romantics”, “The Story So Far”, “Intro” and of course, “All Downhill from Here”.

The Sleep When I Die! Tour was certainly a fantastic tour to attend with four very talented bands, be sure to keep an eye out for what each band has coming and catch them next time they’re in your town!

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