Review of the Stronger Than Faith Tour

The Stronger Than Faith tour hit The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY on March 11 with a fantastic lineup and a pumped up crowd. Suicide Silence was supported by Emmure, Within The Ruins, and Fit For an Autopsy.

Fit For an Autopsy took the stage first and did an amazing job of getting the crowd excited for the rest of the show. Front man Joe Badolato did a great job of bringing the crowd and music to life with the high energy. The band started with “Thank You Budd Dwyer.” Their set list was based mostly around their newest release Hellbound (2013). They also performed “Tremors” and Dead in the Dirt.”

Within The Ruins took the stage next and also did a great job of keeping the energy level high amongst the fans. They began their set with “Gods Amongst Men” from their most recent album released in 2014 called Phenomena. Within The Ruins did a fantastic job of playing both old and new songs including “Invade” and “Calling Card.” Within The Ruins was able to keep the audiences’ energy up for their last song of the night, “Tractor Pull” off of Invade (2011).

When Emmure hit the stage the crowd was more that ready for them to perform. Emmure formed in 2003 and released their first full length album Goodbye to the Gallows in 2007. Emmure kicked off their set with “Bring a Gun to School,” also the opening track to their most recent album Eternal Enemies (2014). Following Emmure played three more songs off that record: “Nemesis,” “N.I.A. (News in Arizona),” and “Most Hated.” For having seven albums, Emmure’s set list included all a few songs off of each album. The entire crowd sang at the top of their lungs for the final song in the set, “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.” The entire crowd sang at the top of their lungs. The lyrics “Won’t you be my bride” has never shook The Chance so hard before.

Suicide Silence closed out the night. Suicide Silence formed in 2002 and has been recording and touring since 2007. Suicide Silence took the stage with experience of over 10 years together and the passion of a band that has remained true to the music and playing what they love even through difficult times. Front man Herman “Eddie” Hermida takes that stage with high energy that was absolutely contagious amongst the fans. They began their set with “No Pity for a Coward” off of their first studio album The Cleansing (2007). They did a fantastic job of mixing up the set by playing old and new fan favorites songs. The set include “Inherit the Crown,” and “Cease to Exist” off of You Can’t Stop Me (2014) their newest release. The crowd enjoyed every moment of their set by singing along and dancing to every song. They closed out their set with “You Only Live Once”

Photos and Review by Caitlin Walsh


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