Interview with Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way

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I had the chance to talk with Rick DeJesus frontman for Adelitas Way about the Snocore Tour, their EP, and their upcoming album! Check out what he had to say below:

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How has the Snocore tour been so far?
It’s been amazing.. packed houses. Proud of where we are, proud of fan appearance.

How did you decide on the setlist for the tour?
We change it every night. We like to give fans a different show. We have people we’ve seen 20-30 times and we need to give them a show. We want to give them a new experience every time.

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Which song has been your favorite to play live? Which song have fans gotten into most?
I like a few, its tough to say. I like “Criticize” I like them all but some are just more fun. I like to play in general. Everyone loves “Sick”, ‘Criticize” and “Alive.” They’re ones people have connected with and react well to. At the end of the day its about their experience. I love to play music and I’m enjoying myself no matter what.

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How has reaction been so far to “Deserve This” off your new EP?
It’s fantastic! People really get us and appreciate us. There’s a lot of people who don’t really know about us who could appreciate us. Were happy to do if for those who do.

Are “Deserve This” and “I Get Around” the two songs released off the EP representative of the EP as a whole?
Everything has its own identity. End of day we wrote songs we love. Use life experience and feelings and roll with it.

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Is the new album going to be similar to your EP Deserve This or more similar to a previous release?
We’re just writing songs – we can always hear our influence in there. We’re ourselves and write what’s coming to us. We have a path we follow and I’m trying to be in a great rock and roll band. I write what comes to me. I write what I feel.

What made you decide to release an EP and a full length so close to one another?
The idea is that we’re not everyone else. Were constantly writing songs we love and now we have the freedom to show music when we want to. Fans get something new. Everything we put out is important. We love working on music.

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Which song off of it is your favorite?
I think they all mean a lot. They all create memories I can feel what I wrote it about. When I close my eyes I can feel the emotion. I think everything will touch people differently. I think “I Get Around” will be the one. It’s catchy and it’s good. It relates to people. True story about life.

Where does the inspiration for most of your music come from?
Everyone has their muses. Every song I’ve written is about the same person. My wife brings out passion and emotion in me.

Anything to say to fans?
I love you guys! Keep rock and roll alive

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