Review of Dogged by You, Me, and Everyone We Know


After an unofficial four year hiatus, You, Me, and Everyone We Know are back, with their spectacular pop-rock EP, Dogged. The six track EP takes you on a journey through the life of frontman Benjamin Liebsch, as he addresses things like his struggles with depression. But as Liebsch says, “desperate times call for a creative spark”. As the highlight of his career, this EP is sure to tell people he is back, You, Me, and Everyone We Know is back, and there’s no stopping them now.

The album opens with the minute long “Raise Them Bones”, inspired by the title of the first volume of the DC comic, Swamp Thing. The track was the first You, Me, and Everyone We Know track released in years, and reminds you of why you missed them so much. It’s catchy melody and punk-rock instrumentation sets you up for what to expect as the EP progresses. It leads into the popular, “Does it Amaze Thee?”. Perhaps the one misfire of the song is the out-of-place shift in vocals and instrumentation in the last minute of the song. However, this writer is willing to let it go, based off the rest of the tracks to follow. The song has great instrumentation, upbeat breakdowns, and is well-crafted lyrically; making it sure to be relatable to all who hear it. “Does it amaze thee that I could be this banged up and still thrive?”

The next track, entitled “I’d Rather Be Sleeping”, is one of the best tracks off the EP. The opening instrumentation carries on throughout the song, and the movement of the piece constantly keeps your attention. From it’s upbeat beginning, to when it slows down a bit at the end, (which shouldn’t work, but somehow does quite well), you will be entranced with the piece showing off the capabilities of this group. Not to mention Liebsch using this track to show off his perfectly executed diction. We the people appreciate listening to your voice, and knowing every word you say. The next song, “Eat My Hands”, though a tad repetitive with the phrase “I’m gonna eat my hands tonight”, still manages to be as catchy as always, with you feeling the emotion Liebsch expresses with his vocal delivery.

To finish listening to a song, sitting back and thinking, “wow”, can sound like a enormous cliche. But that’s the reaction you should have after hearing “Brooks Was Here”, the crown jewel of the Dogged EP. The song goes very in depth lyrically, and will leave you speechless, taken up in thought. Showing off Liebsch’s lyrical mastermind and vocal ranges, this piece will leave you with a certain thought to ponder: “This is just how it goes, you’re born, you live, you die alone”.

The EP closes with the laid back, “A Pleasant Bummer”. Not only is it a lovely oxymoron, but it’s the perfect close to the EP with a simple acoustic guitar to compliment Liebsch’s vocals. Sure to be a fan favorite, you feel yourself hurting as you can tell he has been hurt, as you listen to everything he sings with his expression behind it. The simple two minute song makes the EP feel complete, something which can be difficult to achieve.

As our first taste of You, Me, and Everyone We Know since around 2011, it’s easy to tell they have bright things ahead of them. The growth in the sound since then is apparent, the lyrical craftsmanship is apparent, and the list can go on. There’s no better comeback then to come back with so much power and growth, you leave your fans in awe; which Dogged is sure to leave you with.

Download: “Brooks Was Here”

Rated: 4 out of 5 Stars

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