Review of Senses Fail/Man Overboard Split


Post-hardcore group Senses Fail, and pop-punk group Man Overboard, have teamed up to create a split EP, released March 3rd through Pure Noise Records. The EP features a brand new track by each band, and a cover of one of the other’s songs. The EP acts as a sort of battle between the two bands, with the opening two tracks by Man Overboard, and the last two by Senses Fail. In years past, it was quite popular for bands to do a “VS” split against one another, so this acts as an almost a rebirth of the concept, that the two bands do quite successfully.

The EP opens with a new song from Man Overboard entitled, “One Fixed Point”.  As soon as vocalist Zac Einstein comes in, you can tell it’s a great pop-punk track. It has the classic punk instrumentation in the background, well-done vocal harmonies throughout the song, and has the angst-feeling lyrics to match. All in all, it’s a song fans would expect from the band, that will leave them very satisfied. The next track is “Cute When You Scream”, Man Overboard’s cover of the 2004 release by Senses Fail. Doing covers can be very difficult to pull off, but they do justice to the original; almost topping it, with the different style and edge they bring to the track. They make the piece their own, and were wise to choose this particular song to cover.

The third track we are introduced to Senses Fail, with their new release “All You Need Is Already Within You”. The track is a b-side to their forthcoming record, and is a song you cannot miss. The heavy instrumentation sets you in the perfect mood for the non-clean vocals that compliment them. Lyrically, the track is very well-crafted with it’s inspiring, uplifting lyrics. It’s impressive complexity leads it to stand out off the album. The EP closes with Senses Fail’s cover of the 2010 Man Overboard song, “Real Talk”. The song takes on a different feel with the band’s addition of a heavy post-hardcore spin.

As Senses Fail’s first split, the EP is bound to satisfy all who listen to it. From the new tracks to the covers, these two bands know what they’re doing, and don’t seem to be slowing down with their successful releases. Be sure to catch the two of them on tour together March through April alongside Bayside and Seaway!

Rated: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Download: “All You Need Is Already With You”

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