Review of Revolution Saints by Revolution Saints


Revolution Saints came out with their debut self-titled album February 20th. The band came together with the talents of vocalist and drummer Deen Castronovo (previously in Journey), bassist Jake Blades (previously in Night Ranger) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (previously in Whitesnake). By the name, you can tell that Revolution Saints are going to stand out from the traditional rock and roll bands. They bring in that classic hard rock sound, with a mixture of inspirational lyrics and uplifting melodies and vocals.

The album opens with what could be the best track off the album, “Back On My Trail”. This powerful kick-off to the album perfectly sets the idea in your head of who this band is and what their sound is like. With powerful vocals, inspirational lyrics and instrumentation that is just to die for, this establishes the talents and capabilities of the group. The next track, “Turn Back Time”, isn’t as impressive as the opening track, but is impressive nonetheless. It’s not as rock heavy and seems a bit more tame up until the shredding guitar solo towards the end of the song. The next track, “You’re Not Alone”, features frontman for Journey, Arnel Pineda. It’s a bit of a softer track with it’s use of piano in the beginning, but the song picks up and sends out a heart-felt, hopeful message: “you’re not alone”.

The next two songs, “Locked Out of Paradise” and “Way To The Sun” Feat. Neal Schon are not tracks that shine from the album, but are still very well-done tracks. The instrumentation in both are great, but they just seem a bit lacking compared to the other tracks prior to it. “Dream On”, however, is lyrically on par with the groups message they hope to share, and has of course an outstanding guitar solo to melt you to bits. The next song, “Don’t Walk Away”, opens with a lovely piano melody, but feels as though it drags on at times. The song is very emotional, and starts to pick up with–you guessed it–another guitar solo to blow you away. “Here Forever”, becomes a highlight from the record with it’s opening piano melody, it’s lyrically craftsmanship and shredding guitar solos. The song lifts you right up, and separates itself from others on the album. The next tracks, “Strangers To This Life” and “Better World” have some of the best instrumentals off the record. With it’s energy and uplifting feeling, they make you feel wholesome. The next piece, “To Mend a Broken Heart”, shows to be a heavier song off the album. The track is upbeat and energetic with a message we can all relate to: “How to mend a broken heart? Tell me how one can live when all is lost? The album closes with “In The Name Of The Father” which opens with a beautifully executed piano melody. The lyrics of the piece are heartfelt and will leave you with a lingering feeling of emotion. Of the tracks on the record, it was the perfect choice to close the album with.

As Revolution Saints first release, this record has shown off the outstanding musical capabilities of all members of the group. They should be proud of all aspects of the record, and to call this their debut album. This classic styled melodic rock album is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Rated: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Download: “Back On My Trail”

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