Review of the Snocore Tour

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The Snocore Tour hit Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY last week with a fantastic lineup and excited crowd. Flyleaf was supported by Adeltia’s Way, Framing Hanley, and Fit for Rivals; all four bands brought something unique and exciting to the show along with the high energy from the bands and crowd the night was sure to be an enjoyable one for all in attendance.

Fit for Rivals took the stage first and did a fantastic job getting the crowd hyped up and ready for the evening. Front woman Renee Phoenix did a great job of bringing the crowd to life with the high energy and excitement she brought to each song. The group started off with the two singles “Crash” and “Damage” off of their 2009 release Steady Damage which seemed to catch the attention of the audience and draw them in more for the rest of the set. They also played “Better Off (Alone)” off of the 2009 release and their 2014 single “Hit Me”.

Framing Hanley took the stage next and also did a fantastic job of engaging the audience and setting the tone for a great evening. They started out their set with the fan favorite “Hear Me Now” off of their first studio album The Moment released in 2007. They did a good job of mixing in songs from all of their albums including “Collide” and “Criminal” off of their most recent release The Sum Of Who We Are. They also played their most recent single, their cover of “Lollipop” originally performed by Lil Wayne. The group brought a new and unique spin to a song most probably never would have expected a rock band to cover. It was definitely a good choice as it got the entire crowd singing along regardless of how familiar they may have been with Framing Hanley because it’s a song everyone has heard at one point or another. The kept the energy up for their last song, “You Stupid Girl” off of A Promise to Burn (2010).

By the time Adeltia’s Way took the stage the crowd was more than ready for their set. They kicked things off with “Cage the Beast” off their 2011 release Home School Valedictorian and “Dog on a Leash” off of their most recent release Stuck (2014). Both songs set the tone for the entire set with high intensity and energy from everyone on stage as well as the entire crowd. They also played other fan favorites from Home School Valedictorian such as “Sick” and “Alive”. They closed out their set with “Invincible” off of their 2009 release Adelitas Way. Drummer Trevor Stafford stood out for his insane energy and skill—constantly spinning his sticks and throwing them in the air without missing a beat. Front man Rick DeJesus did a fantastic job of getting the crowd into each and every song including those who may not have been all too familiar with their music. They put on a highly enjoyable set for everyone even if someone does not know the music well enough to sing along; everyone seemed to be enjoying every moment of their set. They are certainly a band to see live, be sure to keep an eye out for them when they tour again!

Flyleaf was set to close out the night with the most unforgettable set of the night. Flyleaf has been successfully making music and touring since 2002 and they take the stage with the experience of a band that has been touring for over 10 years and the passion of a band that has remained true to the music and playing what they love. Front woman Kristen May takes the stage with poise and excitement that is absolutely contagious. One can’t not enjoy the show with how happy she is bouncing all over the stage and rocking out. The love for their music is evident in everyone from the time they take the stage until the last note of their final song which makes the experience even better for fans. They kicked off their set with two songs from Between the Stars (2014) “Set Me on Fire” and “Traitor”. They also played fan favorites off of that album including “Magnetic”. With an extensive discography they managed to incorporate a decent mix of songs, though the setlist leaned heavily to their most recent record. The entire building seemed to be singing along for “All Around Me” as fans flashed back to 2005 for a song that never gets old. They closed out their set with “City Kids”. Of course fans knew they’d be coming back for an encore as there were two songs that were certainly missing. They came back with “Call You Out” and finished out the evening with “I’m So Sick”.

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