Review of Only To Rise by Sweet & Lynch


Sweet & Lynch came out with their debut album, Only To Rise, late this January. The band was formed around the talents of vocalist Michael Sweet, (previously in Stryper), and guitarist George Lynch, (formally in Lynch MOB and Dokken). With the addition of bassist James Lomenzo (formally in Megadeath and Black Label Society) and drummer Brian Tichy (previously in Whitesnake), Sweet & Lynch was formed, bringing back the sounds of classic 70’s and 80’s rock and roll. 

The album kicks off with “The Wish”, showing off the immediate powerful vocals of Sweet, and instrumental capabilities of Lynch. The lyrics are very inspirational and motivational, and proves to be a great track to open the record with. It then goes into another great rock song, “Dying Rose” which opens with a guitar solo from Lynch showing off he knows exactly what he’s doing. His continuous instrumentation throughout the song capture your attention and go perfectly with the meaning behind the song inspiring hope, confidence, and believing in yourself. The guitar solo halfway through the song show to be the best part of the track. The album then goes into “Love Stays”, a highlight from the album, what can be tested by the first few measures of the song. The melody matches up perfectly to the lyrics of the song. There’s something great and truthful about the line, “Love stays, it never goes away”.

The record then goes into the fast paced, “Time Will Tell” and “Rescue Me”, both powerful songs and their choruses keep you feeling uplifted. The instrumentation throughout the songs are very well-composed and the songs pick up when Lynch brings out his shredding guitar solos. The next track, “Me Without You” is the slowest track on the album. Perhaps the best crafted song, it builds up as the song progresses adding instruments in layers, and the melody and lyrics to the song make you feel something. The lyrics “What good does it do to have me without you?” are relatable to everyone.

The album then picks up again with the best track off the record, “Recover”. This heavier fast-paced rock song will have you in awe with it’s instrumental capability. Sweet’s powerful vocals preach out this very well-crafted song, and his falsetto vocals in the chorus will leave you nothing but impressed. The next tracks, “Divine” and “September”, are the last too impressive songs on the album. “Divine”, with it’s opening guitar solo that automatically grabs your attention, and “September”, with it’s background drum melody make the tracks the last two that show off the potential of the band.

The album ends with three tracks, “Strength in Numbers”, “Hero-Zero” and “Only To Rise”, which all feel a little out of place. The melodies of each are not up to par with the other tracks off the album, and though they have the potential to be at the level of the rest of the album, just seem to somehow lack the power and feel the rest of the record delivers. My biggest critique of the record would be to monitor the diction of the lead vocals.

As almost a re-birth of this kind of sound, Sweet & Lynch have done a great job of bringing back that classic rock sound with this debut record. For fans of Journey and Van Halen, this album is sure to be your next hard-rock delight.

Download: ”Recover ”

Rated 3.5  out of 5 Stars

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