Review of The Bunny The Bear’s Winter Tour

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The Bunny The Bear have hit the road for a month long Winter Tour across the US. They kicked off their tour Wednesday, February 11th, at Bogies in Albany NY. The band was able to showcase their new “Bear”, with the addition of clean vocalist, Haley Roback. The band put on a great, energetic show, which was appreciated by all fans, new and old.

The band opened their set with the ever popular “Aisle” and “So Smooth, So Appealing”, tracks from the 2014 release, Food Chain. The energy in the room was outstanding, with every member of the band feeding energy to the crowd. Frontman Matt Tybor and frontwoman Haley Roback would be constantly engaging with fans by standing on speakers singing lyrics to them, extending out to them, and going into the crowd. Touring guitarists Joe Mosey and Nate Blasdell along with touring bassist Kyle Colby would keep the energy high by doing tricks with their instruments, standing on speakers to get close to the crowd, and sometimes really interacting with fans. During their third song, “In Like Flynn”, Blasdell pleased the crowd by taking the glasses and beanie off of two different fans, and wearing them on stage as he played.

Though the majority of the setlist were tracks from their latest album, they had a well-thought-out balance of songs on their setlist that was appreciated by all fans at the venue, with the band performing songs spread across all their discography. They continued on with another Food Chain release, “Pale Green Eyes”, and two tracks from their two albums prior, “It’s a Long Way From the Esophagus to the Ovaries” from 2011’s, If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…, and “Hey, Allie” off of 2013’s, Stories. They then played the popular, “First Met You”, which brought the energy up even more in the room; from the fans, to the musicians themselves. Robock becomes interactive with her fellow musicians as much as fans, with her going up to her friends on stage and singing the lyrics in their faces. They then performed older tracks, “Lonely” and Ocean Floor, and came out for their encore of the 2011 song, “Path”.

Perhaps the best part of their performance is the energy and enthusiasm by every performer. Roback gives off that she is sociable, and has a very comfortable stage presence with her constant activity with the crowd. Blasdell during “Lonely”, spins his finger around to signal to fans to start a mosh pit, which they happily obey. He also then goes on to spin his guitar around his neck five times in a row, impressing all who witnessed it. Though on his kit the whole time, touring drummer Matt Trozzi shows off his extreme drumming abilities, as he breaks a sweat playing the set, while also singing along and making faces to the audience. Almost every member of the band at some point during the night, got up on one of the front speakers and tried to engage the crowd. Touring guitarist Joe Mosey got up more than once to signal for all fans to clap along to the beat of the song, Roback got up to extend her hand out to fans and look them in the eyes as they sang lyrics to one another, even Tybor would constantly get up to scream in the faces of fans.

For a crowd of five fans or five thousand, The Bunny The Bear will give you a reason to come out and see their show. They try to make everyone feel recognized and important, which is highly respectable. They put on some of the most interactive, high-energy shows in the music scene, and should be recognized for the joy and passion they give out on stage.

(Thanks for the corndogs, Matt!)

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