Interview with Matt Tybor of The Bunny The Bear

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I had the chance to sit down and speak with Matt Tybor, frontman for The Bunny The Bear, before their headlining show in Albany NY last week. Check out what he had to say about their Winter Tour, music for the future, and their latest album, with some commentary from other members of the band.

This is your first night of the tour, what expectations do you have for tonight and the rest of the tour?

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Matt: I don’t have like expectations, I just kinda take it day by day. We’ll see what happens. I mean, I think it’ll be a good tour. I haven’t been on the road with The Bunny The Bear in like, six months. So we’ll find out. Tonight looks okay. We’ll see. But as far as expectations, I just take it night by night. I don’t really care as long as there’s some die-hard fans there. I don’t really give a shit you know a show’s a show, it’s for them so. But as far as expectations, I could wish for a thousand kids, not gonna’ happen at Bogies whatever, cool. But i’m here to play a show and i’m here to do my job so, i’m happy with whatever. I’m just satisfied. [laughs] untitled (291 of 363) Any reason why you chose Albany to kick off the tour?

Matt: I don’t think I picked it I think my agent did. I probably would have still, it just makes sense from Buffalo to Albany you know? I actually think this is the one time I didn’t say “let’s go to Bogies”. I think It just kinda happened.  

How did you come up with the set list for the tour?

Matt: Um, I actually didn’t. I left that to my live musicians. I said learn the song, and tell me the setlist. I’ll be there. No really though, [to guitarist Joe Mosey] what’d I say? Learn the song, tell me the setlist, I’ll be there?

Joe: That’s exactly what he said.

Matt: [laughs] That’s exactly what I said. Yeah but no, I mean honestly, it changes a lot so I took their opinion on it. I’d rather them be comfortable playing it; what songs they actually enjoy playing and just go with it so. untitled (116 of 363)What’s your favorite song to play live?

Matt: Mine. Fuck. I actually have to think about that one. Can’t ask him [Joe] for the answer he’s just here for tour so, um [hesitates] I have to say Pale Green Eyes, I guess.

What are you most looking forward to throughout the tour?

Matt: Sunshine sooner or later. That would be nice. I’m really sick of the fuckin’ ice, you know? I’m done with it. I’m seriously done with it. I have my fuckin’ pet pig in the van, I’m done with this shit. I really do have a pig with me, i’m not kidding, a real pig. His name is Bacon Bit. He’s here, he’s not happy either, he’s done with it. We’re both over this shit. Yeah but, he’s here, he’s not happy either. I’m done with the snow. I’m just done with it so, over it. Florida, i’m comin’.

What has been the overall reaction to Food Chain?

Matt: I have no fuckin’ idea. I like it more than other albums i’ve written but, I don’t think anyone else does. Honestly, I don’t know. No, I don’t know I mean I think it’s more matured, at the least you know? But I mean I think that our fans still want that spirattic chaos that I wrote when I was seventeen, and i’m twenty-six now and i’m over it so. Um, I think it’s more matured overall, I think it’s a lot more outspoken and more of a song than 18 songs in one because i’m fuckin bipolar or nuts but um, I don’t know I mean as far as reactions I see positive reactions, but at the same time It’s like I haven’t seen enough reaction so I don’t think it’s at least hitting people as much as it has in the past cause you know old CD’s like sold more but I think it’s the most worthwhile one, you know? I think if you wanna actually understand me and where this band is going and maturing than I think I wanna use Food Chain. But, I just think as far as it comes to fans and actually sales, nah, it’s not the same as others. But I mean, artist and buyer I guess are a whole different thing, so. I don’t know I just think it’s a different thing, in general, from what we’ve done in the past, like every album, so. I don’t know I’m happy with it. And that’s it. I mean I don’t really give a shit, i’m happy. Like honestly I like it, it’s my favorite CD. I don’t wanna listen to old shit, I like it.

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You guys released a music video for “The Seeds We Sow”–

Matt: We did, I kicked a lot of babies.

Yes, what was the reaction to that?

Matt: I really haven’t paid much attention, but I mean, it seemed really good. I mean, I wanted to kick realistic looking babies, but I guess like the actual CGI people were making it look really cheesy, like even more cheesy than the fuckin’ demented looking babies. So I was like, oh that fuckin sucks. I mean, I have a kid, but he’s six now, so I can’t really kick him, he’s too heavy. [laughs] Okay but you know what I was saying. I think it’s been good overall. Like the whole last album, like I said, I think it’s been a little over looked. But in general, i’m very happy with it, and I had no problem kicking little fucking demented babies around it was fun so. I’ve had a few dad’s bitch at me. A few dads were like “If you were a loving father you would care” And I was like dude, the things not even alive, like it’s a little green fuckin’ fake baby on a screen. You know It’s like, I don’t understand that, especially because I have a six year old son and I would do anything for him. I would punish him if he did anything wrong. I’m very strict with my son, I’m very conservative, very everything you wouldn’t expect. Never expect. But um, I mean it’s just music, like who gives a fuck. It seems like it’s been decent from the fuckin’ people who have looked at it. You know? I mean, there will always be another video, there will always be another song, someone’s always gonna bitch, someone’s always gonna’ be happy so. That’s life.  

What’s your favorite part of touring?

Matt: If I say food I seem fat [laughs], but I like socializing that’s about it. Really i’ve never been a performer, I like writing and recording. I don’t like stepping on stage and standing in front of people being like “Ah The Bunny The Bear!”. I don’t like it, I hate it. Um, as for as socializing I love doing it, I love talking to people. But as far as performing I never liked it. So I think my favorite part is actually socializing with fans; new fans and old fans. And that’s about it. I mean as far as performing I think it’s an everyday thing. I mean it’s what bands do, they perform, but I’d rather hangout with a few fans, in the van, and have a beer and talk and smoke a cigarette, than sit there on stage. You’re never gonna’ be as happy as when you’re recording. No matter what, every live band sicks dick, so it’s like you know I’d rather, I think that’s my favorite part, just socializing with people. I just wanna hang out and talk to them like I’m a person. Because I am. I’m a fun asshole, and there’s not really anything special about me so. That’s why I enjoy it, just being human.  untitled (153 of 363) What song do you think is going to be the fan favorite for this tour?

Matt: The song that my new singer [Haley Roback] sings.

Haley: I agree.

Matt: That’d be it. untitled (253 of 363) It’s been almost a year since you guys released the full-length album, Food Chain. Do you have any new music in the works for the future?

Matt: I do. I mean I guess “we” do now. [laughs] Before it was like I do, now it’s like we do. If someone actually gives a fuck right?

Haley: He writes everything.

Matt: There’s a few demos that’s about it. I don’t know. We’ll see what Victory [Records] wants to do. I can’t really just throw shit out of my ass without a label’s position. No, we do. It’s better than the old shit. Like we agree that Food Chain is the best album, I don’t give a fuck, the rest suck. It’s like growing up. It’s like teenage angst, like get the fuck out of here. No. I’ll write something mature you know what I mean? And no one agrees. But Nate [touring guitarist Nate Blasdell] doesn’t either he’s like “Ugh I like the first one”

Nate: It would have been awesome if the drums were–

Matt: It would be awesome if it were re-recorded! I’m twenty-six, not fuckin’ eighteen.

Nate: It literally sounds like someone took a fuckin’ solid record, and shit all over it.

Matt: Okay well, that was a little overboard.

Nate: No but you can still hear the goodness. It’s just shitty.

Matt: If you consider that goodness. Food Chain is the way to go I think. The new shit we demo’d, I think it’s a lot more mature and a lot more sophisticated; I would hope.  untitled (275 of 363) Any words for the fans coming out to see the tour?

Matt: Tonight? [laughs] not really. The general tour yes. Nate’s here and he’s horny.

Haley: Ew. [laughs] [snorts]

Matt: Did you snort? Yeah I have a new singer who snorts and it’s very embarrassing. And that’s all I really have to say.

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