Review of the World Tour Leg 2 ft. Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, PVRIS, and Mallory Knox

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How does a tour hit the same areas twice with the same headliners within a few months and have success both times around? Tours with multiple legs have been particularly popular recently; take the Black Mass Tour and The World Tour for instance. Both tours kept their headliners but changed openers. The World Tour on the second go around featured Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens with support from PVRIS and Mallory Knox. The first leg of the tour was fantastic and the openers put on great sets and set the bar high for the support on leg two. The openers of leg two overall did an even better job. From the first song of each band the crowd seemed to all be familiar with all of the acts and was certainly ready to sing along.

Mallory Knox took the stage first and started the night off on a high note. They are currently on their first U.S. tour with bands that command the stage and are known for phenomenal live performances. Mallory Knox absolutely held their own and exceeded expectations from the start. Based on the crowd’s reaction, especially for an opening band on their first tour here, they will certainly be making quite a name for themselves here in the future. They kicked off their set with “Wake Up” off of their 2013 release Signals. They also played “Death Rattle” and “Beggars” off of that release. All throughout the set Mallory Knox had the crowd off their feet and singing along. They took the stage with the presence and command of a seasoned touring act. By their last song “Lighthouse” it seemed as if the majority of the crowd was singing along and those who did not know the words were certainly engaged and jumping along. Mallory Knox is a must see live band; they find a way to get everyone involved and enjoying the set which makes them the perfect opening act. Based off of their performance it won’t be long before they start getting onto big tours as direct support and even headlining their own tours. They were extremely well received and had the crowd engaged from start to finish. Catch them on the rest of the World Tour and be sure to keep an eye out for when they return!

PVRIS was up next for what was set to be a very special performance. Hailing from Massachusetts PVRIS was playing one of their biggest hometown shows and at the Tsongas Center, a venue they’d grown up attending shows at. Lead singer Lynn Gunn even reminisced on being in the crowd and said a part of her felt like she should be in the crowd watching with everyone else. It was clear from the fist note of “Smoke”, their first song, that Gunn’s voice was struggling but that she was going to do her best anyway. Despite feeling under the weather she has one of the most powerful voices and command of the stage of stage of any front-woman out there. The range and power of her voice is extremely noticeable in their song “Fire” which is also off of White Noise released last year on Rise Records. They played fan favorites and the first releases from the record “My House” and “St. Patrick”. Throughout the set Gunn made a point to inform fans that she saw what was going on in the crowd and that people need to start watching out for each other. She asked the crowd to stop pushing each other around and let everyone enjoy the music they came out to see. PVRIS has had quite the year in 2014 from signing to Rise Records and releasing their debut album to touring with Mayday Parade and Tonight Alive. 2015 is going to be an even bigger year for the group with The World Tour, a short European run, than being on the entire 2015 Van’s Warped Tour. PVRIS is a band that should be on the top of your must see bands list for Warped this summer; they put on a fantastic set with music everyone can enjoy.

Sleeping with Sirens took the stage next with a high energy, exciting set. Fans were given their first taste of the new music live during their set including “Kick Me” which was the entrance song. “Kick Me” was played on Leg 1 of the World Tour but for those who didn’t get to see them then and even for those who did, it was good to hear new music being performed. “Kick Me” was the first single off of Madness which is set to release later this year. “We Like It Loud” and “Go Go Go” were also played off of the new album and based on the reaction from the crowd Madness will definitely be well received from fans. Everyone was singing along to all three songs and many seemed to be fan favorites already! There was also a good mix of past releases including songs off of Feel, Let’s Cheers to This, If You Were a Movie This Would Be Your Soundtrack, With Eyes to See and Ears to Hear and even a cover mixed in. “Low” and “Congratulations” were among the songs played off of Feel and did a great job getting the crowd off their feet and singing along early on. “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son” and “If You Can’t Hang” have been fan favorites off of Let’s Cheers to This since its release and apparently still are as most of the arena were happily screaming along word for word for both songs. Things slowed down with “Scene Two: Roger Rabbit” and the cover of “Iris” originally by the Goo Goo Dolls which showed a nice change of pace for the group and allowed the vocals of frontman Kellin Quinn to really stand out as he serenaded the crowd. They closed out their set with an old favorites, “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” which had the entire crowd singing along happily.

By the time Pierce the Veil took the stage the crowd had reached a new level of excitement and energy. The curtain fell and Guitarist Tony Perry and Bassist Jaime Preciado jumped off the amps kicking off their intro with a bang. They really got the attention of fans with the high flying stunt from the start and kept their attention all throughout the set. Pierce the Veil is a band that fans can, and often do, see over and over again. With their energy, passion, and stage presence seeing them live will never get old. Combine a charismatic performance like this with highly relatable and emotional songs that take a new life live and the fans can’t ever get enough of the group. They have developed such a strong and passionate fan base that support the band and music unconditionally. The connection fans feel at a show is amazing because each member of the group is particularly special to a different section of their fans which is always nice to see that everyone is given the recognition and appreciation they deserve. From leg one of the tour to leg two only one song changed in the setlist, “Props & Mayhem” was played on leg two in place of “Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears”. The order of the rest of the setlist was changed up a little but not significantly but that didn’t take away from the performance at all.

The majority of the songs were off of Collide with the Sky, the groups’ most recent release, nearly three years ago now. “Hell Above” was the first song the group played and naturally fans were screaming all of the words alongside frontman Vic Fuentes from the very first line. As they transitioned into “Caraphernelia” and “Bulls in the Bronx” the energy reached a new level both onstage and in the audience. The onstage antics continued with a phenomenal lighting, smoke, and confetti show supporting the mood of the music. Preciado and Perry continue their high flying stunts jumping off their risers and were even joined by Fuentes with some jumping around of his own. The connection developed between the band and fans has a lot to do with how relatable the music is but it is not just from that. Fuentes brought a fan onstage as he does every night and sang the intro to “Bulletproof Love” to her. It really seems to mean a lot to all of the fans just how much Pierce the Veil involves their fans in each set. Other songs that really stood out and had the entire audience particularly engaged were “Hold on Till May” and “A Match into Water” which have been fan favorites since the album released in 2012 and will likely always hold a special place with many fans. “King for a Day” was the final song as expected and featured guest vocals Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens which is always great to see live.

All four bands put on fantastic sets that are sure to keep fans coming back to shows again and again. They all did a great job of engaging and captivating the audience with great vocals and high energy performances that will be memorable for fans for quiet some time. Both Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil have albums coming out this year that are highly anticipated and are sure to be a huge hit with fans so be sure to keep an eye out for that! Also keep an eye out for whatever else they, and the other bands, have in store for the rest of 2015!



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