Review of We Came as Romans / Chiodos Co-headliner


We Came As Romans and Chiodos hit the road for a short co-headlining run before the holidays. They took two new bands with highly notable frontman, Slaves and Sleepwave, along with them for tour support. Fans lined up outside The Palladium in Worcester, MA in the cold hours before doors in order to get a good place, whether it be a spot on barricade or a booth to watch from further back. All four bands put on a great set so fans were sure to have a great time and the show was certainly worth the wait.

Sleepwave kicked off the night with a high-energy enjoyable set. Fans of the band were singing along and having a great time. Those who were not necessarily familiar with Sleepwave engaged as well as many jumped around and got involved without knowing all of the words. The band was formed by former Underoath frontman Spenser Chamberlain. They released their first full-length record, Broken Compass, on Epitaph Records in the fall of 2014. Their set consisted of favorites off of that record such as “Rock and Roll Is Dead And So Am I”, “Hold Up My Head” and “Through the Looking Glass”. They are certainly a band to keep an eye out for in 2015!


Slaves too, is a band to keep an eye out for in this year. Formed by former Emarosa lead singer and solo artist Jonny Craig, Slaves is yet another band to keep an eye out for in 2015. They took the stage at the Palladium to an excited and energetic crowd. They released Through Art We Are All Equals, their first full-length album on Artery Recordings. The album contained many songs that apologized and hoped to help mend fences with those Craig may have hurt in the past, including fans. Slaves did their first tour back in the late spring with Hands Like Houses prior to releasing the record and small headliner over the summer that did not come close to the area so this tour was many fans first chance to hear their favorite songs off the record live.


Chiodos took the stage next with a setlist that probably had the best mix of new and old songs of all of their setlists’ from various tours this year including the Devil’s Dance Tour in the spring, the Crowd Surf America tour over the summer, and the Parks and Devastation tour in the fall. It has been a year of ups and downs for the band with member changes as they lost Derrick Frost and Matt Goddard prior to the Parks and Devastation tour and went separate ways with former guitarist Thomas Erak. They are a band that has a way of connecting with the audience regardless of their place in the lineup or the line up of the band. They kicked off their set with “The Undertaker’s Thirst for Revenge is Unquenchable (The Final Battle)” off of the 2007 release Bone Palace Ballet. They also played other fan favorites off of the record including “A Letter from Janelle” and “If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink”. They also played “Thermacare” which always gets fans screaming along and off their feet. The remainder of the setlist was split between Devil (2014) and All’s Well That Ends Well including “Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels” and “The Words “Best Friend” Becomes Redefined”. They closed out the set with the ever-popular “Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek”.



By the time We Came as Romans took the stage the crowd was more than ready to see the band many had come for. They always put on a high-energy, exciting set that gets the entire crowd involved. The group is always full of on-stage, and off-stage antics, from the high flying jumps from the constant jumps of guitarist Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton and bassist Andy Glass and crowd walking of clean vocalist Kyle Pavone. Pavone and unclean vocalist Dave Stephens also joined in on the group jumps from time to time. The setlist consisted mostly of songs off of the 2013 release Tracing Back Roots released on Equal Vision Records including “Fade Away” and title track, “Tracing Back Roots”. They kicked off their set, however, with “To Plant a Seed” the title track off of their 2009 release. They also played their cover of “Trouble” originally by Taylor Swift from Pop Goes Punk vol. 7. The group did a fantastic job of adding in unclean vocals to a song they were not in originally. The cover was certainly well received by fans and those who did not know the band, as everyone was able to sing along and enjoy. They closed out their set with the fan-favorite “Hope” off of Tracing Back Roots. The group has reached the end of the touring cycle for Tracing Back Roots and will be hitting the studio in the upcoming months to write and record their next record according to Stephens in our interview prior to the show. Check out what else he had to say here!


All four bands put on highly enjoyable sets that seemed to get the crowd more into the show each time. Be sure to keep an eye out for what they have coming in the future and catch them when they tour again!

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