15 Songs to Hear before 2015!

Before the year ends there’s 15 songs you need to check out if you haven’t heard them before so you start off the new year with some great new music! Some songs are probably a bit more well known than others but give everything a chance, there’s something for everyone! Check it out below:

1) “God, If You Are Above” by Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse released their first new song earlier this month on Epitaph Records since releasing Fashionably Late in the summer of 2013. The song takes fans back to the Radke’s earlier music career in Escape the Fate. Guitarist Jacky Vincent shows off his skills with a fantastic guitar solo that really pulls the song together nicely. Aside from being a fantastic song, six of the live photos also happen to be by yours truly so I may be a bit biased on video but the song itself is excellent!

2) “Broken Circuit” by The Word Alive

The Word Alive debuted their new album earlier this year and it was received with great success as the band was bumped up to Main Stage on Warped Tour regularly throughout the summer. “Broken Circuit” is one of the heavier songs off the album and shows the full vocal abilities of frontman “Telle” Smith alongside the outstanding skills of drummer Luke Holland.

3) “Drown” by Bring Me the Horizon

Sempiternal showed an entirely new side of Bring Me the Horizon upon it’s release last year and left fans extremely excited to see what is next for a band that is arguably one of the biggest in the genre now. “Drown” certainly left fans even more excited to see what Bring Me the Horizon has planned next.

4) “Let’s Go” by The Family Ruin

The Family Ruin are a band that should be on your radar immediately! They were the first band signed by Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce’s KBB Records because of their talent and stage presence. “Let’s Go” is one of the first songs off of their debut album Dearly Departed to check out but don’t just stop after one song, give the whole album a chance.

5) “Black Cloud” by Heartist

Heartist is a band with a great sound and an even better live performance. They’re yet another band to check out before the year ends! “Black Cloud” is a good first song to listen to by Heartist as it gives listeners a good overall sound for the band.

6) “Fire” by PVRIS

PVRIS is a band that will be taking the genre and likely even beyond by storm over the course of the next year. Front woman Lynn Gunn has an extremely powerful voice that is very well showcased in this song and throughout the entire album, White Noise. “Fire” also shows the catchy side of PVRIS’ music along with a fun beat.

7) “Tomorrow” by Set it Off ft. Jason Lancaster

Set It Off release their sophomore full length album Duality this fall on Equal Vision Records which featured many collaborations including this song which features Jason Lancaster, former frontman of Go Radio. Frontman Cody Carson and Jason Lancaster’s voices compliment one another very nicely in the song and shows off the vocal talents of both singers. Set it Off did something very cool and unique lyrically with this song; it almost serves as a sequel to the song “Dream Catcher” off of their first full length Cinematics as it speaks of the future or tomorrow, instead of “today” that is repeated in “Dream Catcher”. It show the positive attitude and outlook often taken by the band with their new more fine tuned pop sound.

8) “The Deepest Well” by Yellowcard ft. Matty Mullins

“The Deepest Well” is probably one of the most unlikely collaborations as it features Yellowcard with Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins, however that is why this is a song fans need to listen to before the year ends. It is a song that has a little something for everyone and translates even better live than in audio.

9) “People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play” by Emarosa

Emarosa released their first album with new vocalist Bradley Walden earlier this year and “Please Like Me, We Just Don’t Play” is one of the strongest tracks off of that record. It shows the emotion and raw elements that make Emarosa so relatable to fans with all different backgrounds. It also shows the cohesion and unity that is present in the band now.

10) “Over It” by This Wild Life

This Wild Life is a band that is starting to make quite the name for themselves with the backing of Epitaph Records. They have a calm and relaxing sound that is uniquely their own. Though its a somber topic the song has the upbeat feel of moving forward and on with ones life.

11) “Sleep Deprived” by Handguns

“Sleep Deprived” shows off the high-energy angsty pop-punk that fans of the genre have loved which is what makes Handguns so successful. “Sleep Deprived” is a song that fans can all relate to, much like the last song, as everyone has something or someone they want to and need move passed.

12) “3am” by Chiodos

Not only is this song absolutely fantastic on its own but it shows of a unique lighter side of Chiodos. It gives frontman Craig Owens a chance to better showcase his vocal range and the softer side to the band as a whole. It also shows off skilled songwriting of all involved.

13) “Girls” by The 1975

The 1975 are a band that has quickly become a fan favorite across multiple genres. The have a lighthearted and easy going sound that does not always go with the subject matter of songs, including this one; however the sound is very relaxing and makes it the perfect song for some down time.

14) “rediscover (No Parallels)” by Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses reinvented their song, “No Parallels” in the song “rediscover” with a very whimsical feel. They kept all of the lyrics from “No Parallels” but completely redid the music and the feel of the song. It has a very peaceful and relaxing feel and will be appreciated by fan of all genres of music.

15) “Jackson Browne” by Nick Santino

Nick Santino released his first full length as a solo artist this year and “Jackson Browne” is one of the strongest tracks off of the record. Santino establishes himself as as singer songwriter with the release and this song in particular with the very simple acoustic guitar paired with the song.

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