15 Songs To Hear Before 2015

With 2015 just around the corner, I put together a list of 15 songs that came out this year that are worth looking into. Check out the songs and descriptions below.

Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”



Fall Out Boy have evolved their sound since their start in the early 2000’s. Though many fans may not approve of the direction Fall Out Boy have taken, it’s hard to dispute a great pop song when you hear one. Since the release of the single in early September, it’s been making buzz and playing on your local radio station.

Paramore – “Hate To See Your Heart Break” ft. Joy Williams



Paramore released a deluxe edition of their self-titled, Paramore, in November. Of the songs on the deluxe edition, this particular song really shines. The warm, slower paced love song shows off the lower ranges of frontwoman Hayley Williams, and adds a little something special compared to the original track with Williams joining vocally.

Beartooth – “In Between”



Beartooth released their first full-length album, Disgusting, in May of this year. The album has frontman Caleb Shomo sharing his troubles and turmoils with every track, but this song in particular is the most uplifting off the record. With a catchy chorus and motivational lyrics, this is the best track off the album and a must have for all metalcore fanatics.


Emarosa – “Mad”



Emarosa released their fourth full-length album, Versus, earlier this year. This album they learned to shape their sound and their lyrics especially with this song. A highlight off the record, “Mad” shows off their new musical capabilities along with the change of the tone of the vocals. Though the album as a whole is one of the best of the year, this track reigns supreme.

Set it Off – “Why Worry”



Set it Off released Duality, their second full-length album in September. Though the album takes on a different feel from that on their previous release of Cinematics, this track works in their favor. One of the first singles released off the new album was this gospel sounding, feel-good track that sends out a simple message of “Why Worry”? As one of the crown jewels off the record, it’s impossible to keep still and not clap along when you’ve got it playing.

Of Mice & Men – “Space Enough To Grow”



Usually known for their heavy metalcore songs, it’s always nice to see musicians try something new. The last track off their latest album Restoring Force, Of Mice & Men close the album with this entrancing soft song sounding almost like a lullaby. There’s something brilliant to be said about the line “It’s never about what we leave behind, it’s how we live our lives.”

Sleeping With Sirens – “Kick Me”



As the first Sleeping With Sirens song we’ve heard since the 2013 release of Feel, a post-hardcore sounding song was not what fans were expecting. We missed the more aggressive Sleeping With Sirens before the release of If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack and Feel. Welcome back, old friends.

PVRIS – “Mirrors”



The music scene needs some more female frontwoman power. This track of their new album White House delivers that drive and edge along with a catchy beat. Impossible to keep out of your head, the track shows how PVRIS balances techno-beats with hard rock instrumentations.

Bring Me The Horizon – “Drown”



After the release of 2013’s Sempiternal blowing up the music scene and the band winning the AP Music Award for best international band, the band released their first new track, “Drown”. The band has finally mastered how to craft their music; particularly this single balancing heartfelt lyrics with heavier vocals and instrumentations.


Every Time I Die – “Moor”



Though Every Time I Die are not for everyone, their 2014 release From Parts Unknown is almost a rebirth for long-term followers of their music and worth looking into. This track proves to be the most intriguing on the record with it’s opening piano chords and how the sound evolves throughout the song. The bands’ record release this year shows off the cleverness and sound the band delivered in the early 2000’s, reminding us that bands can, in time, bring themselves back to their origin.

La Dispute – “Stay Happy There”



La Dispute have separated themselves from any other band in the music scene with their alternative style and poetic lyrics. A heavier track off their March release Rooms of the House, the track stands out with it’s guitar sound and masterfully crafted lyrics. There’s something enchanting about the lyrics, “I will fix whatever is not the sweetness in your eyes”.


Major League – “Recovery”



With Major League’s 2014 release There’s Nothing Wrong With Me, they finally found their sound. This track, possibly the best off the album, proves the release  to be one of the best from the pop-punk genre this year. The blend of meaningful lyrics with heavier instrumentations and anger in frontman Brian Joyce’s makes you feel and understand the record.

Expire – “Pretty Low”



One of the best hardcore releases of this year, Expire’s track “Pretty Low” shows off the talent from their new record. When in need of something heavy, this is the track for you. The lyrics “Refuse to let my life be reduced rubble. When the shit keeps piling up, get a shovel” are the highlight of the song and make it perfect for those in need of something with more anger and emotion.


New Years Day – “Let Me Down”



Off the EP-Epidemic, this track is most powerful New Years Day song in years. Frontwoman Ash Costello sings about her relationship struggles with her father and has a lot to say about the subject. You feel the pain in her voice as she spills her guts about the lifelong struggle along to their classic well crafted heavy instrumentations with the perfect touch of piano.


Knuckle Puck – “But Why Would You Care?”



Knuckle Puck was recently signed to Rise Records, and for a good reason. Knuckle Puck separate themselves from all the other pop-punk bands in the music scene. This track, the best off the EP- While I Stay Secluded, shows off the true talent of the band. Their instrumentations are brilliant, the vocals are strong and the hurt and meaning behind this song makes it worthy of being heard.

Written by Jenny Caulfield

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