Interview with Travis Stever of Davenport Cabinet

Writer Jenny Caulfield had the chance recently to catch up with Travis Stever, guitarist of Coheed and Cambria, about his side project Davenport Cabinet, their new record Damned Renegades and what’s going on with the group now! Check out what he had to say!

davenport cabinet

Interview by Jenny Caulfield

Damned Renegades is your third full-length album, how does it differ from your previous releases Our Machine and Nostalgia in Stereo?

Nostalgia in Stereo was mainly a lone venture all the way through. Rory Hohenberger played drums on a lot of the songs but I played the rest of the instruments. On Our MachineTyler and I started working on songs together. He and I shared vocal and guitar duties. Rory played drums on most of the songs and I played drums on rest. As for the bass aside from one song I played on all tracks. Now with Damned Renegades it became more of a band effort. Tom Farkas on bass, Michael Hickey on drums, and Tyler and I sharing all vocal and guitar duties. And on the whole album that is how we perform. That made it a whole new thing. It gave all new strengths to the songwriting for me and Tyler.

What song off the record is your favorite and why?

Of course it changes constantly but as of right now my favorite song is “Aneris”. It’s a song that pushes different boundaries then I ever have with Davenport Cabinet. It also really showcases the other members. When I listen to it I find it easy to hear it from an outside perspective. Which is tough to do when you write or play on a song. You are too involved so you can’t hear it the way someone else would. “Aneris” has a unique quality where I am able to hear it like it’s new to me every time.

How has the release of Damned Renegades affected the band?

It’s always just a relief to have people appreciate something you worked extra hard on. The past couple of shows we did I realized how tight of a band we had become. And I attribute that to Damned Renegades being such a great record. We have had to live up to making all the songs sound the best they can live.

Do you have any upcoming tour plans to support the album?

As of now just a show here and there. Maybe someday a full tour opportunity that the band fits well in will come up. I definitely would want it to be a scenario where our music would translate well. Until then we play shows here and there. When we do them they are always super special

Though Damned Renegades just came out in September, do you have any ideas for the style of music you’re looking to have in the future?

I can see us exploring more of the catchy pop rock elements that were on this record. I could also see us possibly going back to some of the folkier elements the last albums had more of as well. But who knows. By next week I may want to make a Davenport Cabinet song with just a harp and tin can.

As the guitarist for the monumentally successful Coheed and Cambria, what differences have you noticed going from Coheed and Cambria to Davenport Cabinet?

We are lucky because a lot of people care and listen because I am in Coheed. But the double edged sword is that because it’s different, a lot of people don’t give it much of a chance. In many ways it’s like starting over. But the cool thing about it is I never have any expectations. I would be making this music regardless. And so would the other guys. I feel very lucky. I get to be in an amazing band like Coheed and I also get to create these very personal songs with another awesome group of musicians too. Very lucky for sure.What did you guys learn from making this record that you’ll keep in mind for future albums?

We learned quite a bit about how we wanted to record this band during Damned Renegades production. If we choose the route of self production again it will be a very easy process.

Is there anything about Damned Renegades you want to remember going into your next record?

I personally want to remember to enjoy it and not get so wrapped up in schedule. Just let it flow.

Which song off the album will be a fan favorite?

As of now it seems like it’s between two songs. “Sorry For Me” and “Everyone Surrounding”. Time will tell.

Do you have anything to say to the fans of Davenport Cabinet?

Thanks so much for taking the chance and listening to us. This project will exist if people give a shit or not. But the truth is having people actually care and listen is such an awesome thing.

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