Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens take the sold-out Paramount by Storm


The first leg of the World Tour has been taking the US by storm the past few weeks. The tour sold out two dates at the Paramount on Long Island, NY almost immediately. It was no surprise that when Monday November 24, day one of the shows, arrived fans were more than eager for the night to begin and to see some of their favorite bands take the stage. Leg one features support from Epitaph’s This Wild Life and Red Bull Record’s Beartooth.



This Wild Life was certainly the unexpected band of the band for the night. Their unique sound does not necessarily fit with the tour package, yet the got the crowd excited and warmed up as an opener should. Their set consisted primarily of songs off of their 2014 release, Clouded. They kicked off with “History” and “Over It” off the album. They also played “Ripped Away” off of their 2012 release Heart Flip and their single, also from 2012, “Puppy Love”. It was clear with these two songs there were long time fans in the crowd who were clearly excited for the inclusion of the tracks. They closed out their set with “Concrete” also off of Clouded. This Wild Life has a sound and presence that is uniquely their own and is well loved by fans. Since Clouded was released This Wild Life has done a great job of making a name for themselves with their music and the support of Epitaph Records; keep an eye out for them in 2015!


Beartooth took the stage next with a very energetic and entertaining set. They too are a group that has done well for themselves in 2014. They entered with “The Lines” off of their 2014 release Disgusting. They also played other fan favorites including “Dead” and “I Have a Problem”; “I Have a Problem” was the only song from their 2013 release, Dead, to also make Disgusting. The group brought out Kevin Jordan from this Wild Life and Tony Perry from Pierce the Veil to help out on stage for different songs which really got the crowd going both times. They closed out their set with “Body Bag” a perfect end to a high energy and intensity set. Beartooth does a fantastic job of brining the energy to get a crowd riled up and feeding off the energy they create within the crowd.


Sleeping with Sirens took the stage next starting out with their most recent single “Kick Me” released alongside the announcement that Sleeping with Sirens had joined the Epitaph Records family. They also played fan favorites “Congratulations” and “Low” off their 2013 release Feel. The group has an extensive discography and played a good mix of all of their work, which was certainly well received by fans. They played “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son” and “Tally It Up, Settle the Score” off of Lets Cheers to This. Fans went wild when the group played a new song, not yet released. From the one listen they got fans really seemed to love “We Like it Loud”; earlier they had really seemed to know and love “Kick Me” which can only mean good things for the next release Sleeping with Sirens does! “Scene Two: Roger Rabbit” is another song fans seemed particularly glad made the setlist. It is a song that will seemingly always be a favorite. Frontman Kellin Quinn took a moment during the set to explain that he barely had a voice but, was doing his best to put on a great set for the fans. He explained he believes that a band should come on stage even if they are sick and not up to their normal performance level because they do not want to let fans down. His dedication and commitment to fans and the group really seemed to resonate with the crowd who went wild with cheers and encouragement when Quinn finished his explanation. His vocal strain had no noticeable effect on the cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls that Sleeping with Sirens surprised fans. The group closed out their set with the ever-popular “If You Can’t Hang”.


Pierce the Veil was set to headline night one at the Paramount; the anticipation and excitement had risen to a level one had to be in attendance to understand. “May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep” kicked in, the curtain fell, and the group leaped off of their speakers; the cheers and shouts filled the sold out room. They transitioned into “Hell Above” as expected right from their intro and had the crowd off their feet and screaming along from the first line. The group played mostly new favorites but included “Caraphernelia” early on in the set from Selfish Machines [2010], which fans truly seemed to love. They continued on with an energy level that had the room shaking for a few songs but turned things down a notch to play “I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket”. The acoustic performance not only showed off the fantastic vocals of frontman Vic Fuentes but also showcased the groups ability to captivate a crowd and keep everyone drawn even without the entertaining onstage antics such as the high flying jumps of bassist Jaime Preciado.


“A Match Into Water” took the energy of the crowd to an entirely new level with what seemed to be every person in the room passionately singing along, a light show that matched the energy of both the band and crowd, and an overall atmosphere of pure happiness despite the depression subject matter of the song. It was truly a moment where the power of music to bring people of all walks of life together was evident. Fuentes called a young fan on stage for the start of “Bulletproof Love”; it was evident he had made her night one she will never forget. As the group exited the stage something was missing; fans desperately screamed for one more song, which naturally the band obliged. There was no questions as to which song it would be. Pierce the Veil returned to play “King for a Day” with the help of Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn. From the reaction of the crowd it was the moment they had been anxiously awaiting all-night and likely since the song was released. “King for a Day” instantly became a fan favorite from the moment it was released, so closing with the song was the best possible way to end the evening.


As fans slowly filed out of the venue the look of pure happiness and excited was painted on the faces of many and chatter could be heard all throughout about how fantastic the show had been and what moment was each person’s favorite. The show certainly got fans excited for the next time they would see each band, whether it be at night two the next day as many spoke about or when Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens return to New York for leg 2 on February 17 at Hammerstein Ballroom with support from PVRIS and Mallory Knox! Be sure to keep an eye out for what comes next from This Wild Life and Beartooth as well!

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