Interview with Sean Silverman of This Century


I had the chance to chat with Sean Silverman, guitarist for This Century about everything that’s been going on with them lately from their tour The Long and Winding Road Show with Nick Santino to the record they’re working on and what to expect. See what Silverman had to say!

You guys are back out on the road with Nick Santino after touring with him last feel, how does it feel?

It’s awesome! It’s always nice when we get to be with our friends. It makes things go smooth and easy; there’s never that stress of having to make friends the first day like it’s camp so it’s been awesome!

How does it feel to be welcoming The Technicolors on the first tour since becoming label mates?

It’s great! Brennan is awesome! All of the guys are great; Troy and Nico are a big part of it too and everyone will get to meet them soon. They’re awesome and we’re so happy to get them involved. I think it takes a lot to get into that group of people because we’re so tightly knit but they just worked right in perfectly; they kind of just blended right in with the rest of us which is awesome.


You guys have been touring as a three-piece band for almost a year now, how has that been?

It’s been interesting. I’m used to seeing him on the side of the stage and dynamics of us. It’s not bad different though, it was something we knew was coming before it actually happened so it wasn’t something that sprung up. We knew at some point that was going to be the case so we mentally prepared for it. I think he’s in a better place and we’re in a better place because we were able to adjust. Everything’s been really cool. He still produces a lot, he’s helping with our new record tracking and all of that. Everyone’s still family, it’s just a different thing.

How do you go about creating a set list for the changes you’ve made?

It’s actually good because it forced us to be creative for it. I’ve had to learn piano for a couple of songs and we have Joel [Kanitz] playing guitar now and using a loop pedal to create a different sound and not just acoustic songs. It’s not regular acoustic and has something unique going on. I’m really excited, it’s forced us to be creative and push ourselves to learn more.


You guys recently released the single, “Talk to Talk” and the video for it. How has reaction been?

Awesome! That was a song we started to track for the new record but we didn’t finish it up in time. We decided it would be cool to do something that fit the vibe of this acoustic tour. The song had been around for a bit; we took it from the upbeat song it was originally to this ballad. We’re happy with the response and everyone’s been really happy with it. It shows a different side of us and that we’re maturing which I think is important because there’s been a big change in our existence as people and as a band. The new record is a lot closer to our first record [Sound of Fire] than it is to the second record [Biography of Heartbreak]. The transition has been an interesting game of figuring out what our band is anymore and if we can still write songs as a three piece or how we’re going to keep writing songs together. It’s definitely different than anything we’ve done.

Where did the inspiration for the song come from?

The song has been the amalgamation of every long distance relationship Joel [Kanitz] and I have had. We mushed it into one. We wanted to convey the idea of how we’ve felt from the entire time of us being a touring band into one song. The song came from that idea. There’s more to it personally for me; we each have things we connect to more in the song. That’s where it stems from and we just wrote it from there.

Recently on social media you asked fans what their favorite lyrics from the song were. What are your favorite lyrics from it?

[Quietly sings song to himself] I like “Did we ever love, or did we lust? Now we’re easy liars.” I remember writing that lyric. There’s that feeling because of the distance that it’s easy to not tell the truth and there’s those white lies. There’s a breakdown of trust. I thought that was a cool way to explain that feeling in a different way.


You mention a new record, do you have a release date slated?

We have a time frame in mind- early early spring is the goal right now. Pretty soon!

You mentioned that the single is more like Sound of Fire, what should fans expect from the new record?

It’s going to be interesting. It’s probably like if we had done Sound of Fire but at our age now. It’s a lot more matured, a lot more of a rock band. It’s a lot more raw. I’m super proud of the record! It’s going to be very different. “Talk to Talk” is probably the most similar in terms of doing things like on Sound of Fire in terms of songs like “Money Honey” or any of those types of songs. The rest of the record is pretty energetic and rock. I’m really stoked on it.

What inspired you to go back to that sound in a more mature sense of it?

I think in a weird way the thing that happened with us when we put out that second record was that we had it written and recorded it a year before it came out. Everyone on the surface thought we had done that record when it came out. We were already at a different point and headspace when it released. We had gone through a lot as a band with our label and within our personal lives. It was hard to feel as if the songs were fresh because we had worked on them for so long. I think we made a really conscious effort to go, “what are we inspired by, what do we listen to, what music do we want to make?” I think collectively we’ve always had the same influences but this was the first time that we really honed in on what we love about writing songs. That magical, vulnerable, raw sort of thing that we hinted on with Sound of Fire but never got to fully realize because we had a lot of things happen. Now we have the opportunity to do whatever we really want. We have long songs. We have things about really terrible stuff, about weird stuff, and about things we’ve never really gotten the chance to talk about because we felt like we were pigeon-holed into a certain sound or grouping of bands.

How do you think you got yourselves out of that pigeon-hole?

I think it was mainly from writing a lot more than we ever did. I started writing a lot more and for other artists. Alex [Silverman] and I started recording for other artists. It was about learning how to write a better song. What we thought was a good song may have only been half of what it could have been. We learned how to connect with our message and learn how to write it. We really care about writing a great song. This record is that thing in a nutshell.

You mentioned you guys have similar interests, who was the biggest inspiration on the record?

On the new record we were very big into a bunch of stuff. We definitely list to a bunch of Vampire weekend.


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