Review of Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6


Fearless Records is set to release it’s Sixth volume of  “Punk Goes Pop” this Monday, November 17th. The album features Various Artists ranging from metalcore bands August Burns Red and Upon A Burning Body to pop punk groups State Champs and Knuckle Puck. Like every “Punk Goes Pop” installment, the album has it’s various hits and misses throughout, making you jump from an amazing cover to one that’s more lacking. Though it should be said this is an album that gets better over time; give it a few listens and it’s guaranteed to grow on you.

The second single released from the record, Luke Holland of The Word Alive’s’ powerful drumming and Tyler Carter of Issues’ warm vocals open the album with their cover of Paramores’ “Aint’ it Fun”. The two do justice to the song by keeping the pop beat but adding a rock undertone throughout. Carter’s riffs through the cover give it his own unique style and keep you interested the whole four minutes. Staying true and not going overboard with changes make this cover a perfect start to the album and one of the best tracks off the record. The following track makes the album jump from a hit to a miss with August Burns Red’s cover of “Wrecking ball” by Miley Cyrus’. The cover does the complete opposite of the first track, changing the entire song around into being fast paced and having extreme metal vocals; Not working in their favor until the slower paced melodic bridge which doesn’t last long enough for this listener.

The first single released off the album, We Came as Romans’ “I Knew You Were Trouble”, manages to once again find the perfect balance of heavy instrumentals and soft clean vocals. Their rendition of the Swift song is one of the highlights of the album keeping it as catchy as ever but with the perfect amount of heavy aggressive instrumentals and vocals. The album then rolls into some expected not-so-special covers like Crown the Empire’s “Burn” and Set It Off’s “Problem”. Set it Off had set the bar for cover songs from their past releases, so with this release fans had higher expectations. It is safe to say this cover does not show what they are made of and is decent compared to others which are worth listening to. The volume continues with more average covers like Oceans Ate Alaska’s heavy take on“Drunk In Love”, Palisides daring, yet out-of-place cover of the Pharrell Williams hit “Happy” and Upon A Burning Body’s metalcore version of  “Turn Down For What” feat. Ice-T which gets points for creativity by making the song more lyrical, but doesn’t work too much in their favor.

The album doesn’t really liven up until the Eighth track with metal group Youth in Revolts’ cover of “Royals” by Lorde. Without a doubt the best track off this volume with it’s not too heavy rock sound in the background, and crisp pop sounding vocals; They even added melodic well done harmonies throughout the track. The song has progressively heavier instrumentals with each chorus leading up to a perfectly placed break down at the bridge of the song taking it from pop to a metalcore delight. The originality of the song with the added creativity makes this cover better than the original track. The album continues with all around good covers from Volumes, Knuckle Puck, Slaves and State Champs.

Download Youth in Revolt’s “Royals”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Review by Jenny Caulfield

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